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Bush Says He Made the Right Decisions About Iraq

SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages(DALLAS) -- One day before massive insurgent attacks shook Iraq, the Dallas Morning News published an interview Sunday with George W. Bush in which the former president says his decision-making during the long war was essentially on target.

Bush told the newspaper, "I'm confident the decisions were made the right way.  It's easy to forget what life was like when the decision was made."

According to the 43rd president, the invasion of Iraq had widespread political and public support, at least at the onset, and his predecessor, Bill Clinton, also supported regime change.

Since that time, polls have shown a majority of Americans believe that fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not been worth the cost in American lives or the trillions of dollars spent.

The jury is still out as well on whether the nation was made more secure from terrorist attacks.

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