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Canadian Airline Plays Santa to 250 Lucky Passengers

WestJet(CALGARY, Alberta) -- Travelers at two Canadian airports who got the chance to video conference with Santa giggled as they shared their requests. Little did they know that Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and 175 WestJet employees were listening.

After the travelers boarded their Calgary-bound flights, from Toronto and Hamilton airports, the WestJet elves got to work filling the Christmas wishes of their passengers.

There was a young boy who asked for a “choo-choo train.” His parents told Santa they wanted a big television.

Another boy asked for “an Android tablet.”

Then there was the practical passenger who told Santa, “What I need is new socks and underwear.”

Little did the weary travelers know that their dreams were about to come true at Carousel 8.

Fake snow fell as the presents paraded down the carousel to the delight of the passengers, who cheered, hugged and shed a few tears.

One woman beamed when she found out her wish for a flight home for the holidays had come true, while another was moved to tears when she received a new camera.

And that practical passenger who asked for socks and underwear? He still looked pretty pleased with his gift, too.

Last year, the Canadian carrier also got in the holiday spirit by surprising passengers with a flash mob of singing and dancing elves.

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