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Car Emerges from ‘Sea Foam’ Blanketing Australia’s Coast

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(SYDNEY) -- Two traffic officers in Australia narrowly escaped injury this weekend when a car emerged from the sea foam that has blanketed the country’s coastal towns.

In a scene captured on video and posted to YouTube, the officers appear standing with pedestrians on a windy, beachside road as a bus attempts to navigate the foam.  Out of nowhere, another part of the foam begins to move and a car emerges with its headlights on.

One officer quickly pushes the other aside, moving them both out of the path of danger.

The foam, or coastal froth, is a result of extreme weather conditions in the country that included a tropical cyclone last week.  The froth was formed when powerful waves forced air into the water, according to the Griffith University Centre for Coastal Management and reported by the Herald Sun.

Australia’s Sunshine and Gold coasts were hit so hard by the foam that residents and tourists were asked to cancel all non-essential travel, according to reports.  Witnesses also described seeing foam as high as nine feet at its peak.

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