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Ceramics artist's hypnotizing pottery videos have gone viral 

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- With just a lump of clay and some handy work, Eric Landon racks up thousands of views on Instagram.

Landon, a pottery artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the man behind hypnotizing videos showing how he creates pots, vases and a host of other works of art.

He said he was hesitant at first about uploading his artistic process to the internet, but eventually he said his brother convinced him it was a good idea.

“I’m not so fond of new types of technologies, but I thought why not give it a go,” Landon told ABC News.

All Landon said he uses to film his work in his studio is an iPhone and a piece he made to hold the phone. Since he started posting videos on his Instagram account they have taken off. Fans have left comments like “I could watch this all day” and “This is so satisfying.”

“When I started these videos my intention was to really put a beautiful light on this craft that I've been doing for years and years,” Landon said. “Suddenly, we have audiences of a couple hundred thousand people.”

“Instagram has definitely given ceramics a visibility that they didn't have before,” he added.

Landon’s focus is on his work -- and one of his pieces can sell for thousands of dollars -- but some of his 700,000 Instagram followers have taken notice of the potter himself. The Huffington Post wrote, “We could watch this sexy ceramicist play with clay all day, every day.”

“It comes with the territory,” Landon said, laughing. “Taking on this role as maybe a little sex symbol is a little of -- it's kind of new for me, it's not something they train for at the design school.”

But in the end, he said it all adds to the artistry.

“I think today people don't just fall in love with art or with ceramics they fall in love with the people that create these things,” he said. “And Instagram is a good way to show the things that inspire us.”

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