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Costa Concordia Survivors Testify for First Time About Ship's Crash

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images(ROME) -- Survivors of the Costa Concordia cruise ship wreck told an Italian court Tuesday of the ongoing trauma they suffer after the ship crashed off the coast of Tuscany two years ago.
For the first time in the trial of Captain Francesco Schettino, the court heard from survivors. They spoke of constant panic attacks and needing monitoring by doctors two years after the wreck.
They also told of the confusion that reigned after the ship hit rocks, saying some ship staff told them to return to their cabins when it was clear no safety plan was in place. The ship staff also said, according to the survivors' testimony, that the ship had suffered a technical failure when many passengers were aware the ship had hit something.
Captain Schettino stands accused of multiple manslaughter after 32 people died in the crash as he allegedly abandoned the ship.
The rusty wreck of the ship is expected to be finally towed away some time this summer, two and a half years after the fatal crash.

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