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Explosion at Jerusalem Bus Stop Renews Fears of Terror Attacks

Yoav Ari Dudkevitch/Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- An explosion that occurred near a bus station in Jerusalem Wednesday is renewing fears of a new wave of terror attacks in Israel.

It's been four years since the city of Jerusalem has been rocked by an attack of this scale.  The three-pound bomb, which was placed in a bag and set down at a bus stop, killed at least one woman -- a British tourist -- and injured over 25 others.  It also blew out the front windows of two buses.

Israel believes Palestinian militants are behind the terror attack and are searching for the culprit.  No militant group has claimed responsibility for the bomb.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by strongly condemning the attack in a statement from his office, while Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said it contradicts the Palestinian people's plan to achieve freedom throuhg peaceful means.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't specifically remark on the attack.  Instead, from the airport before boarding a flight to Moscow, Netanyahu discussed the general escalation in violence over the past few days.  He vowed Israel would respond firmly, responsibly and wisely, but didn't give any details.

Now the question on many people's minds is whether the attack in Jerusalem is related to the uptick in violence along the Gaza border.

In the last two days, militants have shot over 15 rockets and mortars into southern Israel.  The Israeli Air Force has struck back with airstrikes, leaving at least nine Palestinians, including four civilians, dead.

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