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Gadhafi Calls Rebels ‘Traitors,’ Urges Loyalists to Keep Fighting

ABC News(TRIPOLI, Libya) -- In his latest message to the Libyan people, Col. Moammar Gadhafi on Monday reiterated his defiance, vowing to stand his ground against rebel forces which have now taken significant control of the country.

In a statement read by an anchor from Syrian TV channel Arrai, the deposed leader is quoted as saying, “We cannot give up Libya to colonization one more time…There is nothing more to do except fight till victory.”

The message went on to describe the opposition forces as “traitors” who were willing to turn over Libya’s oil riches to foreign interests.

“We will not hand Libya to colonialism, once again, as the traitors want,” Gadhafi was quoted as saying.

The ousted Libyan leader is still on the run, his whereabouts unknown.  There are reports that he may be hiding in the southern part of Libya, perhaps in the town of Sabha, which is one of his strongholds.

To keep the population on alert, there are several “wanted” posters plastered around the capital that show what the colonel might look like in disguise.  One shows him wearing a hijab, the Islamic headscarf that covers a woman’s hair, and another depicts Gadhafi with his head shaven.

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