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Great Britain Offers a Way Out for Syrian President

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Britain’s prime minister is telling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to get out of the country while he still can.

Al-Assad appears more determined than ever to stick out the conflict until the bitter end but if he does decide to change his mind, David Cameron said on Thursday that Britain could guarantee "safe passage" out of Syria although not to his country.

Cameron told Al-Arabiya TV that he wasn't about to let al-Assad get off Scott-free for his alleged war crimes "but if he wants to leave, he could leave; that could be arranged."

At this point, al-Assad probably doesn't have a lot of choices but at least one country has stepped up to offer him asylum.

Tunisia announced that it would be willing to accept al-Assad if he wants to leave Syria.  Ironically, it was the revolution in Tunisia last year that helped spur Syrians to seek democracy in their own country.

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