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Indian Holy Man Has Vision of $50B Treasure; Dig Underway

Ashok Dutta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- There's an old fashion treasure hunt underway in a village in India -- and the jackpot could be worth billions.  It's all thanks to an Indian guru, or holy man, who had a vision of a king in a dream.

The Indian holy man says he was sleeping when a dead king came to him in a vision, telling him about a huge treasure of gold coins -- almost 1,000-tons worth -- buried under his temple.  The man then sent the information to the government, but didn't receive a reply. So he wrote to the Archaeological Survey of India instead.  

The agency sent teams of archaeologists to the temple who tried to find the treasure but couldn't.  The holy man then took them to a specific spot on the ground, and told them that's where they needed to dig.

After doing their own tests, archaeologists discovered evidence of heavy metals buried about 65 feet below the surface.

Excavation teams are now flooding into the tiny village in India's Uttar Pradesh province, believing the legend of the buried gold is true. The temple belonged to King Rao Ram Baksh Singh, who was hanged by the British after a rebellion in 1857.

For years, villagers have been told stories of a treasure buried underneath the temple, and now, those stories could turn out to be real -- with the haul estimated to be as much as $50 billion.

For his part, the holy man says once the treasure is discovered, he wants part of the money to go towards helping develop the village, which doesn't even have electricity.

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