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Insurgents Attack Prominent Kabul Hotel

Interncontinental Kabul(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- Insurgents in Afghanistan have attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital city of Kabul with as many as six suicide bombers and gunmen, according to initial reports.

At least one suicide bomber blew himself up at the hotel's entrance in an attack that's said to have began around 10:30 p.m. local time. At least four explosions have been reported.

A number of Afghan officials, including provincial governors, were known to have been staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday night ahead of a scheduled conference.

The number of casualties was not immediately known.

The hotel and surrounding neighborhood are without power and police have cordoned off the area around the building.

"One of the attackers somehow managed, according to an Afghan intelligence official, to get to the fifth floor, to the roof, from where he's firing at national security forces," said Bilal Sarwary of the BBC, who added that in some ways, the situation appears "unprecedented.”

“First it happened very late in the night. This hotel obviously is very well protected. There are several checkpoints before you could get to the top of the hotel, which lies on a hill. So a lot of questions will be asked," he said.

The Intercontinental Hotel is the most famous hotel in Afghanistan and one of the icons of Kabul, where many Westerners stay and hold meetings.

Story developing...

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