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Iran Warns Israel It Will Regret Air Strikes Against Syria

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Syria received a vote of support Monday when the head of Iran’s National Security Council warned Israel it would regret last week's air strike near the border with Lebanon that targeted a truck convoy carrying ground-to-air missiles to Hezbollah.

Saeed Jalili, who was in Damascus for talks with top Syrian officials about the two-year conflict with opposition forces, issued a fiery denunciation of Israel, which has yet to comment directly on the attack reported by U.S. and Western sources.

Bringing up past Israeli action against Hezbollah and Hamas, Jalili told reporters, "Just as it regretted its aggressions after the 33-day, 22-day and eight-day wars, today the Zionist entity will regret the aggression it launched against Syria."

The Iranian official also called on the Muslim world to rise up and defend the Syrians from outside aggressors.

Damascus has said that Israeli war jets actually struck a military research facility northeast of the capital but has not tried to retaliate against Israel, which typically launches preemptive strikes when the government fears its security is threatened.

Jalili was in the capital to help broker a truce between President Bashar al-Assad and his opponents after nearly two years of war that has left well over 60,000 people dead.

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