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Kerry Calls for New Leadership in Iraq

US State Department(CAIRO, Egypt) -- Secretary of State John Kerry strongly hinted Sunday that the only way for Iraq to pull itself out of its present predicament is by making changes at the top.

With Prime Minister Nouri al-Maiki struggling mightily to prevent his country from erupting into a full-fledged civil war, Kerry, during a visit to Cairo, Egypt, said that the U.S. "would like to see the Iraqi people find leadership that is prepared to represent all of the people of Iraq."

America's top envoy went on to say, "We must urge Iraq's leaders to rise above sectarian motivations, and form a government that is united in its determination to meet the needs and speak to the demands of all of their people."

As much as Maliki is reviled by Sunnis and Kurds, he still has the backing of most Shiite lawmakers, still the most powerful bloc in parliament.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria continues to gobble up towns in Iraq's north. Kerry warned that ISIS needs to be stopped in its tracks, adding, "Its ideology of violence, of oppression, is a threat not only to Iraq, but to the entire region."

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