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Kerry: Failed Mideast Talks Made "Significant Progress" 

State Dept photo(ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia) -- Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the failed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks Thursday, stressing that while the recent round of discussions were unsuccessful, progress was still made

"What has not been laid out publicly and what I will do at some appropriate moment of time is make clear to everybody the progress that was made," Kerry said during a diplomatic trip to Africa. "These eight months, eight months plus, were not without significant progress in certain areas. And I dont think anybody wants to lose that progress."

The United States is involved in brokering a deal between the two partiess, and Kerry added that both parties still want to negotiate. Currently talks are on a hiatus, to "take a hard look at these things" and examine the possibilities.

The Secretary of State acknowledged the challenges in the last few hours of talks, and said he remains "convinced that as each sort to work through the reasons....there may be quiet ways within which to begin to work on the next steps."

Israel suspended discussions ahead of Kerry's April 29 deadline.

"So it’s time for pause, but it’s also time to be reflective about the ways in which one might be able to find a common ground even out of these difficulties."

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