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Mexican State Election May Serve As Presidential Precursor

Photo Courtesy - Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images(ACAPULCO, Mexico) -- Citizens in the Mexican state of Guerrero, a mostly impoverished province with the exception of the resort town Acapulco, will vote to choose their new governor Sunday. The campaign trail has proved to be a bumpy ride, highlighted by violence, accusations, and the withdrawal of one of the race's candidates.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party, which once held power in the country for 70 years, is looking to regain political power and this could be a starting point. The party, also known as PRI, has not held the presidency for 12 years. Its candidate in the gubernatorial election, Manuel Anorve, resigned from his spot as mayor of Acapulco to campaign.

He is opposed by Angel Aguirre, who aligned himself with PRI for most of his political career, but recently reversed course in order to run on the Democratic Revolution Party, or PRD, ticket.

In recent weeks, Aguirre's campaign has accused PRI backers of beating a PRD official, but PRI has vigorously denied those claims.

At one point there was a third candidate in the race representing the National Action Party, but he resigned due to poor poll numbers. The National Action Party has since thrown its support behind Aguirre in an attempt to topple PRI.

Guerrero, currently under PRD power, is the first of three PRD-held states to hold elections this year. One will hold elections in February, and another will vote in November.

Political forecasters say if PRI can be defeated in these state elections, it may bode well for both PRD and the National Action Party come the presidential election in 2012.

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