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Middle East Rulers Plan to Speak with Obama About Syria

Craig F. Walker/The Denver Post(WASHINGTON) -- Unless the conflict in Syria ends suddenly, President Obama is preparing to get an earful about the situation there when he is visited by various Middle East leaders in the coming weeks.

The White House has scheduled meetings with the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan.  All are expected to bring up their concerns that the Syrian crisis is dangerously close to destabilizing the region.

In particular, the president will hear about the exploding humanitarian crisis that has resulted in 500,000 Syrian refugees pouring into Jordan alone.  The fear is that the number could easily double in Jordan before the end of the year as violence escalates between Syrian government and rebel forces.

However, the Middle East leaders don't expect Obama to radically change U.S. policy toward Syria, which up to now, hasn't included any arms shipments to rebels seeking to depose President Bashar al-Assad.

The chief worry of the administration is that weapons could fall into the hands of al Qaeda-linked groups fighting in Syria.

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