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Mischievous Four-Year-Old Tears Up Parents' Life Savings -- A pair of Chinese parents' method of keeping their kid out of their hair -- letting him tear up old books -- proved to be far more expensive than hiring a babysitter, when the 4-year-old shredded their life savings instead.

According to the Daily Mail, the parents from Shaanxi province were used to the sound of the boy ripping up pages from used books they bought, so mom Liu Fan "thought nothing of" recently hearing that sound from her bedroom.

But she later realized to her horror that what she'd been hearing from her kitchen was actually the sound of her son tearing up the six thousand bucks she'd squirreled away in a shoebox for a deposit on a new apartment.

Fortunately for the family, a bank was sympathetic to their plight, and exchanged the shredded bills for fresh ones. Mrs. Liu says she's now found a less destructive -- and less expensive -- way for her kid to pass the time.

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