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Missing Australian woman found by TV crew covering her disappearance

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A missing Australian woman was found today by a TV crew that was reporting on her disappearance.

Heather Rae Ellis got lost as she walked her dogs near Scott River in Western Australia. The 65-year-old was in the forest for 25 hours, she told local station 9NEWS, and her three golden retrievers helped keep her warm during the night.

“Unfortunately, I’d made a bed with covering and all the rest of it and no sooner had I laid down than a helicopter came over,” she recalled. “I was trying to attract its attention so I ran, and of course, lost where I had done the bed.”

The 9NEWS crew found Ellis as she made it out to the road after hearing the sound of the crew’s car.

“Early this morning, I heard the traffic, but I got into some really thick forest and lost the sound of it,” she said. “And so I just kept stopping until I really got my bearings and just followed the sound of the traffic.”

Ellis sprained her leg and has also been treated for dehydration, according to 9NEWS.

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