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More Than One Hundred Injured in Tahrir Square Protests

AFP/GettyImages(CAIRO) -- More than 100 people were injured during protests on the streets of Cairo, as thousands of demonstrators congregated in Tahrir Square.

Supporters of Egypt's new Islamist president Mohammed Morsi have clashed with liberal protesters in Cairo, throwing rocks and setting fires, in the first violent unrest since Morsi took office...

And it's been just over one hundred days in for President Morsi, but problems including a faltering economy and fuel shortages persist and fester.

His supporters say he needs more time and patience from the Egyptian people in order to overcome the mistakes made by former president Hosni Mubarak.

One issue in particular is angering liberal groups. They want more diversity on the panel tasked with writing Egypt's new constitution, which is packed with Brotherhood members, who have proposed provisions that opponents say greatly suppress civil liberties.

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