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Morsi's Son: The Coup Will End Soon, Father Will Be President Again

AFP/GettyImages(CAIRO) -- The son of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi told ABC News Monday night that, "the military coup will end very soon" and his father will be reinstated as the legitimate president of Egypt.

"President Morsi has a legitimacy," Osama Morsi said. Egyptians, "will have their president and their constitution and their Shura Council again, I am sure."

In an exclusive interview in the Muslim Brotherhood's media center in the eastern Cairo, Osama said he hasn't seen or heard from his father since the night of July 3 and worries for his safety like he worries for the safety of all Egyptians.

"All people are in danger now under the military coup," Osama said. "The tank cannot lead a civilized country. And Egypt is a civilized country."

He said no western democracy would ever allow the army to unseat an elected president, dismissing any possibility of political dialogue with the current military-backed government.

"There is no political way with a military coup," he said. But the Muslim Brotherhood's determined opposition to the current government goes beyond Morsi.

"The issue is not Morsi, the issue is not the person," he said, it is about what his father represents.

"For all Egyptians, he is a freedom idea, a democracy idea, a legitimacy idea," Osama said. "He is my hero, he is [the pro-Morsi supporters'] hero...  I wish that we can get back again our constitution, our constitutional state. And we will, God willing."

Egyptians demonstrated by the millions, by some estimates, to call for the ouster of Morsi and his Islamist-backed government.

Finally, Osama had a message for his father: "I want to say to him if he's listening, he's probably not, Dad, you are the legitimate leader, you are the legitimate president, we all back you, back any decision you make, even if you decide to leave the office. We are all after you. Your family is proud of you, proud of your strength."

While Osama's defiance is not all that surprising coming from the son of the deposed president, his anger is widely shared. The tougher the army gets, the more entrenched the Brotherhood gets. On Tuesday, Morsi supporters have called for a "million man march," which will likely be closely watched.

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