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Music at Gitmo Not for Torture, Pentagon Claims

John Moore/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Music is being used at the Guantanamo Bay military detention facility, but it's not considered torture as some reports have stated, according to the Pentagon.

Capt. John Kirby told reporters, "Music is used both in a positive way and as a disincentive.  We don’t torture."

There had been stories of Gitmo detainees having to listen to kids' songs from Sesame Street, but Kirby wouldn't verify it.

The Pentagon spokesman said, "I don’t know what the playlist is.  It’s done in a measured way, in keeping with our obligation and commitment to treating detainees humanely."

Still, an Al Jazeera-produced documentary called Songs of War alleges that detainees must regularly listen to songs through headphones over long periods of time.

Christopher Cerf, who writes songs for Sesame Street, was outraged that his music was on the playlist, telling Al Jazeera: "The idea that my music had a role in that is kind of outrageous. This is fascinating to me…because of the horror of music being perverted to serve evil purposes."

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