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N. Korea Parliament Meets; US Sends More Fighter Jets to S. Korea

Stocktrek Images/Getty Images(SEOUL, South Korea) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called to order on Monday a meeting of the country's parliament, the Supreme People's Assembly, as tensions between Pyongyang and Washington continue to rise.

The meeting came a day after top lawmakers in the communist nation declared developing nuclear weapons and the economy their top priorities.

Meanwhile on Sunda, the U.S. stepped up its show of force, flying two F-22 stealth fighters over South Korea.  The jets were flown in from Japan to take part in joint military exercises held between the U.S. and South Korea this time every year.

Last week, the U.S. also sent two B-2 stealth bombers from Missouri to South Korea and back to participate in the drills.  

The 13,000-mile round trip was meant to demonstrate that the U.S. is committed to defending South Korea and that it has the ability "to conduct long range, precision strikes quickly and at will," the military said in a statement.

During their mission, the B-2 stealth bombers dropped inert weapons before returning to the U.S.

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