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Nikki Haley: North Korea missile launch 'brings the world closer to war'

US State Department(WASHINGTON) -- U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley offered a strong warning to North Korea on Wednesday, saying at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that the North Korean regime would be "utterly destroyed" if war breaks out.

"No one can doubt that this threat is growing," Haley said a day after the most recent North Korean missile test. "No one can doubt that the North Korean dictator is getting more aggressive in his obsession for nuclear power."

Haley called the latest test "a choice" that the regime made "to feed its nuclear aggression."

That decision, she said, "brings the world closer to war, not farther from it."

"We have never sought war with North Korea, and still today we do not seek it." But, she said, "If war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday. And if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed."

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