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Norway Shooter Anders Breivik Complains About Cold Coffee in Jail

ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images(OSLO, Norway) -- A Norwegian right-wing extremist responsible for the deadliest mass murder in his country's history is complaining about receiving inhumane treatment in prison.

Specifically, Anders Breivik is griping that his cell, along with his coffee, are always cold.

Breivik, found guilty earlier this year of the 2011 massacre of 77 people, many of them teens, is jailed in quarters that contain sections for sleeping, studying and exercising.

However, he maintains that he never gets enough butter with his bread, has to hurry through his morning shave and his handcuffs are "too sharp."

In addition, Breivik is critical of the way his cell is decorated.

Last July, the 33-year-old was judged sane by a Norwegian court and convicted on charges of terrorism and premeditated murder.  Breivik will spend a minimum of 21 years in prison rather than a mental institution and could possibly wind up behind bars for the rest of his life.

Norway, like other European countries, does not have the death penalty.

During the trial, Breivik defended his actions in court, based on the premise that Norway and the rest of the continent were becoming increasingly contaminated by allowing Muslims and other emigres to settle there and mix with Europeans.

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