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Occupy Wall Street Movement Goes Worldwide

Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement that has been spreading across America went worldwide Saturday morning.

Protests were planned in solidarity from Europe to Australia in what is being called an "International Day of Action" this weekend.

In Tokyo, protesters fought inequality and about 300 Australians chanted the cry that started on Wall Street, "We are the 99%!"

While the worldwide protests get underway, protesters at the movement's home base in Lower Manhattan said they're not done spreading the message of the so-called "99 percent."

There are two major events planned for Saturday—a march to Times Square and a rally at JP Morgan Chase Bank, where protesters say they'll be pulling the money from their accounts and closing them all together.

Elsewhere in the country, protesters like Larry Coleman in Flint, Mich., say they're in solidarity with similar protests against corporate greed and economic injustice.

"There's a lot of things wrong in our county that need to be corrected and the only way to get them corrected is to start with a grassroots movement," Coleman said.

On Friday, protesters camping out at New York City's Zuccotti Park were able to stay put a few more days after the company that owns the park postponed a planned clean-up.

When the real estate company Brookfield Properties, along with the backing of police, told protesters the rules against camping, the protesters saw it as an eviction order.

Protesters vowed to stay in the park and would try to stop cleaning crews from coming in.

Brookfield Properties said in a statement that they postponed the cleaning "at the request of a number of local political leaders."

The company said it hoped "to reach a resolution regarding the manner in which Zuccotti Park is being used by the protesters.”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on WOR radio Friday that if no agreement is reached, the company will likely attempt the same cleaning next week.

He warned that "it would be a little harder at that point in time to provide police protection."

At least 14 people were arrested Friday for blocking access to the park, authorities said.

It was one of several incidents between protesters and police around the country.

In Denver, police in riot gear moved Wall Street protesters away from the Colorado state Capitol grounds.

In San Diego, scuffles erupted between protesters and police over a tent encampment.

Pepper spray was used to disburse a human chain that was formed around the tents, San Diego ABC News affiliate KGTV reports.

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