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Opposition Military Forces Target Key Syrian Air Base

Scott Peterson/Getty Images(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Rebel forces in Syria have intensified their attacks on President Bashar al-Assad's military by continually pummeling Taftanaz Air Base in the country's northwest.

Not far from the city of Idlib, one of the main hot spots during the near two-year-long conflict, the air base has lately been under siege as rebels attempt to prevent further attacks on Syrian towns by military jets and helicopters.

One such raid, reported by an opposition group, focused on the city of Taftanaz and allegedly involved Syrian air forces using powerful cluster bombs.

Opposition fighters have been conducting their own assault on Taftanaz Air Base with tanks and anti-aircraft guns.  Keeping the military's planes grounded could be instrumental in their efforts to wear down government forces.

Although Washington and much of the West want the rebels to succeed, there are also reports that the extremist al-Nusra Front, which is a considered an al-Qaeda affiliated group, is also active in the same region as the air base.

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