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Osama bin Laden's Young Wife, Wounded In Raid, Identified

AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images(ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan) -- Osama bin Laden's family occupied the second and third floor of a sprawling hideout in Pakistan, where one of his sons was killed and his wife was injured in the Sunday raid by U.S. Navy SEALs that took bin Laden's life.

The wife, one of five wives, was his youngest, 29-year old Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, identified by U.S. authorities as the woman pictured in a passport that a Pakistani TV station said was found in the compound after the raid.

Amal Ahmed was in the bedroom with bin Laden when the Navy SEALs closed in.

"Bin Laden's wife rushed the U.S. assaulter and was shot in the leg, but not killed," said White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Bin Laden married Amal Ahmed when she was a teenager. She was a gift to him from a Yemeni family.

Explained Steve Coll, author of the book The Bin Ladens, "She was a very young woman by the account of the bodyguard who brought her to meet bin Laden from the tribal family that had presented her to bin Laden, presented her to bin Laden for marriage."

Over the years, bin Laden had at least 11 children with his wives.

"He married very young, first a cousin from Syria," said Coll. "Then a couple of very well-educated women from Saudi Arabia."

There are no known photographs of the other wives, and his former sister-in-law, Carmen bin Laden, told ABC News' Diane Sawyer that bin Laden did not like women to talk to him.

"What I do remember very well, you know," said Carmen Bin Laden, "was my brother-in-law was standing at the stairs of the plane. He came and I say, 'Hi,' you know, and you know, and he looked at me and he said, 'Don't talk.'"

By the time bin Laden moved to his mansion in Abbottabad he was left only with Amal Ahmed -- he had divorced one of his other wives, and three others had moved to Syria.

Amal Ahmed was said to be the youngest, the prettiest and his favorite. In fact, he had divorced one of his older wives to marry her and comply with Islamic law, which limits the number of wives to four.

Amal Ahmed's injuries are not considered serious and U.S. officials say she is now in Pakistani custody.

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