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Pope Francis to His Conservative Critics: I'm Not a Marxist

ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images(ROME) -- Pope Francis has rejected accusations by some conservatives that he is a Marxist, though in an interview with an Italian newspaper he said he stands by his strong criticism of capitalism and his urging for more to be done for the poor.

In the interview, the pope said that Marxist ideology is wrong, but that he has known many Marxists who are good people and doesn’t feel offended by the label.

The pope also told the paper that the trickle-down theory of economics doesn’t work.

"There was the promise that once the glass had become full it would overflow and the poor would benefit. But what happens,” the pope told La Stampa, “is that when it's full to the brim, the glass magically grows, and thus nothing ever comes out for the poor.”

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