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Syrian Rebel Commander Claims US Weapons Haven't Arrived

Scott Peterson/Getty Images(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Weapons from the U.S.?  We're not getting weapons from the U.S.

That was the reaction from Gen. Salim Idris, leader of the Free Syrian Army, about Thursday's Washington Post report that his rebel forces are finally receiving long-awaited munitions from America.

The Post story said that both lethal and non-lethal support was being delivered by both the CIA and State Department for the past two weeks.

But in an interview with NPR, Idris claimed, "There is no military support.  We were waiting, and are still waiting to receive weapons and ammunition.  We told our friends in the United States we hope that you will support us.  We are in most need for anti-tank size, anti-aircraft size" weapons.

With the White House staying mum on the issue, it's difficult to verify the rebel leader's denials.

The Syrian opposition has been begging the U.S. for military support for months, claiming that weapons are needed to help them overcome support the Assad regime has received from Russia, Iran and the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Idris cast aspersions on Moscow's latest proposal for Syria to give up its chemical weapons arsenal, calling it a lie and that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his foreign secretary are "playing games."

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