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Police Wrongly Tell Woman Her Husband Died in Motorcycle Collision

Melody Halls(MEDICINE HAT, Alberta) -- When officers told Melody Halls, 31, that her husband died early Tuesday morning in a motorcycle accident, she went immediately to the first stage of grief: denial.

And she was right.

Two Alberta, Canada, police officers and a grief counselor arrived at Halls' Medicine Hat, Canada, home and told her to sit down.  Once they asked whether her husband had tattoos, they told her he'd been killed in a 1 a.m. collision, Halls told ABC News.

"As soon as he said that, I knew something was wrong. ... I'd seen my husband at 7 a.m.," Halls said.  "It was instant disbelief because it's the worst thing that anyone can ever say to you -- that your husband has been killed this morning."

Halls' husband has tattoos on his forearm and calf, but the officers told her the accident victim had tattoos on his stomach and back, strengthening Halls' conviction that her husband was alive.

Halls led the officers out to the garage.

"Sure enough, the door to our shed was open and the lock was missing off of it," she said.

The motorcycle and helmet were gone.

Police determined the motorcycle had been stolen, and the thief -- whom police have not yet named, but Halls said was a neighbor -- died in the accident.

"Although efforts were made to identify the victim of the collision based on the information available at the time, the Medicine Hat Police Service sincerely apologizes for the distress that was caused to the family of the motorcycle owner, when they were incorrectly notified," Medicine Hat Police Service Deputy Chief Richard Wigle said in a news release.

The service will be reviewing its next-of-kin notification practices, according to the police statement.

With officers in and out all day, Halls had to tell her 9- and 10-year-old children about the mix-up.  They were mostly shocked at the thought of losing their father, she said.

As for her husband?

"He's really upset about his motorcycle being stolen more than anything," she said.  "And that somebody died crashing it."

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32 People Killed in Nigeria Bus Crash

ABC News Radio(BAUCHI, Nigeria) -- A two-bus accident claimed the lives of 32 people in northern Nigeria on Thursday.

The buses burst into flames in a head-on collision, killing everyone onboard. State officials say the buses, which belonged to a state-run company, were speeding in a work area zone.

The U.S. State Department issued an advisory on travelling on Nigerian roads, saying many roads in the country are in poor condition.

The advisory says in part: "Excessive speed, unpredictable driving habits, lack of basic maintenance and safety equipment on many vehicles, and the absence of any official vehicle inspection for roadworthiness present additional hazards."

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UK Police Investigate 34-Vehicle Crash Which Killed Seven on M5

Matt Cardy/Getty Images(SOMERSET, England) -- Avon and Somerset Police are investigating the cause of the 34-vehicle accident along M5 in Somerset which killed seven people and injured 51 people on Friday.

The vehicle pile-up occurred on Friday at 20:30 GMT resulting in a fireball as several cars ignited and heavy smoke covered the M5 highway. The highway between junctions 24 and 25 was closed for hours while emergency responders attended to accident victims. Law enforcement and emergency responders were still at the scene on Sunday conducting an investigation and assisting in resurfacing the highway.

BBC News reports that investigators will interview those who attended a fireworks display hosted by the Taunton Rugby Club as witnesses say fog or smoke covered the highway lowering visibility along the highway.

"This incident caused a significant amount of damage to the highway; a stretch of 40 metres of road was damaged by fuel spillage from vehicles and a stretch of 60 metres was damaged by intense fire. It is anticipated that it will take around 4-5 hours to complete this work," said Avon and Somerset Police Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham on Sunday.

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Segway Owner Dies In Segway Accident

Photo Courtesy - Segway, Inc.(WEST YORKSHIRE, England) -- The owner of Segway, the company that manufactures two-wheeled personal transportation devices, died Sunday in an accident involving the company's trademark product. Jimi Heselden, 62, was apparently riding an all-terrain Segway model when he and the machine plunged from a cliff and into a river. Heselden, a former miner, bought the company last December and, according to local reports, was using the machine to survey his estate. The company confirmed Heselden’s death on its website.

A study released Monday evaluated the records of injuries obtained while riding the Segway from 44 different Washington, D.C. patients between 2005 and 2008. A quarter of those patients were admitted to the hospital, while almost half were placed in intensive care due to traumatic brain injury. Records show that only seven percent of all patients had worn helmets, which are not required by law in Washington. The number of Segway-related injuries is on the rise, records show, with three in 2006 and at least 25 in 2008.

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