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British Soldier Killed by Afghan Soldier During Soccer Match

ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images(ISLAMABAD) -- In the latest so-called "green on blue" attack, a British soldier was killed in southern Afghanistan Sunday in what was supposed to be a friendly soccer game on Veteran's Day.

NATO says a group of British and Afghan soldiers were playing a soccer match in Helmand province, when -- for reasons that aren't yet clear -- an Afghan soldier opened fire.  One British soldier was killed in the firefight.

After a return exchange of gunfire, the Afghan soldier was initially captured but later died of his wounds.

Insider attacks like these are a growing concern for coalition officials, creating suspicion and mistrust between Afghans and their coalition allies.

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ISAF Soldier Killed by Attacker in Afghan Army Uniform

ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- An individual dressed in an Afghan National Army uniform opened fire on coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan Friday, killing one service member, according to NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

The ISAF did not identify the nationality of the fallen soldier, but the police chief of Ghaziabad, in Kunar province, said the troop was American.

The police chief added that two other soldiers were wounded in the attack.  The gunman managed to escape.

The Taliban has since claimed responsibility for the shooting, saying the person posing as an Afghan soldier was a Taliban infiltrator sent to join the Afghan National Army months ago, with the specific mission of turning his gun against U.S. forces.

NATO said the incident is being investigated.

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Afghan Soldier Opens Fire at US Troops in Kabul; No Injures Reported

ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- An Afghan soldier opened fire on American forces in Afghanistan Friday, one day after a teacher and another member of the Afghan National Army turned their guns on U.S. troops, killing two.

The incident took place at a base near Kabul.  Shots were fired as a U.S. helicopter was trying to land there.

It's unclear if the Afghan soldier dropped the weapon, if it went off by accident or if the shooting was in fact intentional.  The shooter has been taken into custody and the Ministry of Defence is investigating the matter.

Although NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Joint Command said no one was injured in Friday's attack, the incident highlights the danger U.S. troops are facing in Afghanistan.

Six American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in three separate incidents since the U.S. military admitted to burning the Muslim holy book, the Koran, sparking nationwide protests and riots.  And so far this year, more than one in six of the NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan have been killed by their Afghan partners.

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Afghan Soldier and Teacher Turn Guns on US Troops, Killing Two

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- An Afghan teacher brought in to teach basic reading and writing to Afghan security forces, along with an Afghan soldier, turned guns on American soldiers Thursday, killing two, NATO officials said.

The teacher and the soldier were killed by U.S. troops in response, according to NATO officials.

Six American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in three separate incidents since the U.S. military admitted to burning the Muslim holy book, the Koran, sparking nationwide protests and riots. And so far this year, more than one in six of the NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan have been killed by their Afghan partners.

Last week, two high-ranking American military officers were murdered in Afghanistan's Foreign Ministry -- one of the most secure government complexes in the country -- allegedly by an Afghan police officer.

ISAF pulled all advisors from Afghan ministries following the shooting but said Thursday some have been sent back with heightened "force protection."

Such so-called "green-on-blue" attacks by Afghan security forces on Western troops have become a growing concern in the military and several U.S. officials had said previously that another attack could sap what little political support for the Afghan Army there is among Americans.

Literacy teachers are paid for by the ISAF but are brought in by the Afghan army and police to teach local soldiers and officers how to read and write. NATO has invested $200 million in the literacy program that has trained over 100,000 Afghan soldiers and police.

The U.S. military has pushed to increase literacy rates among the Afghan security forces, which in 2010 was estimated at just 14 to 18 percent among new recruits.

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Four French Troops Killed by Local Soldier in Afghanistan 

ABC News(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- French soldiers who were part of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were shot and killed in eastern Afghanistan Friday by a member of the Afghan National Army.

Sixteen other French troops were also wounded in the attack, according to the BBC.

This comes a day after six American servicemembers -- believed to be U.S. Marines -- were killed in a helicopter crash there.

Following the shooting, French President Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed the nationalities of the soldiers and announced France would be suspending all of its training programs with the Afghan army.  He also said he was sending his defense minister to Afghanistan to further inspect the situation.

In a statement, NATO offered its condolences for the four fallen troops.

"Unfortunately, this is a very sad day for our troops in Afghanistan and for the French people.  I would like to express my condolences for the four French soldiers who were killed today and my sympathy to those who were wounded.  I pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of all our troops in Afghanistan," NATO Secretary Gen. Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.

The shooter has since been apprehended, NATO said.

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Two ISAF Troops Killed by Man Posing as Afghan Soldier

ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- Two service members of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were killed in eastern Afghanistan Thursday when a man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform turned his weapon against them, the ISAF said in a statement.

Per policy, the ISAF did not identify the soldiers, but the Taliban, who claimed responsibility for the attack, said their militant killed French soldiers inside a base in the Tagab district of Kapisa province.

The ISAF said it is investigating the incident.

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Afghan Security Transition Continues in Mehterlam

U.S. Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Dexter S. Saulisbury/Released(MEHTERLAM, Afghanistan) -- In a ceremony kept secret from the public, the United States on Tuesday officially handed over security of Mehterlam to Afghan security forces.

Police feared the event would be attacked, so they shut down the area completely.  The normally busy provincial capital of more than 100,000 became a ghost town.  The only vehicles that allowed in were American armored trucks and Ford Rangers belonging to the Afghan army and police.

The United States' slow withdrawal from Afghanistan is dependent on cities like Mehterlam being able to secure themselves.  Already, some U.S. soldiers have been withdrawn from Laghman province, of which Mehterlam is the capital.

But Afghan President Hamid Karzai's aides fear Mehterlam is the most fragile of the seven areas earmarked for transition this week.  And -- while it's not a universal sentiment -- many Afghan and U.S. officials in the city say that the police are so badly under-equipped and the justice system is so corrupt, there is no guarantee the Afghans can provide rule of law themselves.

ABC News spent five days in Mehterlam ahead of Tuesday's transition ceremony, speaking with dozens of Afghan and American officials, including Afghan police and army commanders and American officers based in the Provincial Reconstruction Team base inside the city.

The police, which have primarily responsibility for security of the city, are motivated but outmatched.  There are only a few dozen officers patrolling the city.  That would be like asking the New Orleans Police Department to maintain security with fewer than 100 cops -- and they don't have to worry about militants coming in from Pakistan, which according to Afghan officials is the main threat here.

Mehterlam police do not patrol with armored trucks, even though they are sometimes targeted with improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.  And they do not have bulletproof vests they can wear over their uniforms, even though they have asked their government for them.

Their shortcomings are compounded by endemic corruption that Afghan and U.S. officials admit runs through the justice system.  Police commanders complain that even when they do make arrests, there is no guarantee the arrested will be punished or remain in prison.

Criminals and insurgents have managed to buy or threaten their way to freedom, according to two Afghan officials and two U.S. officials working in Mehterlam.  Even the son of a Taliban commander was freed, according to the Afghan officials, after his father paid or threatened -- or both -- judges who were supposed to sentence him.

Some Afghan and U.S. officials based in Mehterlam suggest that picture is too negative.  They admit the police and justice system are far from perfect, but they have made positive strides.

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Several Dead, Wounded After Clash Between Pakistani, Afghan Troops

USGS [dot] gov(ISLAMABAD) -- An attack between Afghan and Pakistani soldiers at an army post in Pakistan Wednesday morning left multiple soldiers dead and wounded on both sides, according to officials.

According to a Pakistani military official, the Afghan National Army began firing artillery rounds on a Pakistan Army post in Angoor Ada, a village in South Waziristan, around 10:30 a.m.  The Pakistan Army then retaliated, firing back at Afghan Army positions.

Three ANA soldiers were killed in the attack and four Pakistani soldiers were wounded.

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Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber Targets Army Recruiting Center

Department of Defense/Getty Images(KUNDUZ PROVINCE, Afghanistan) -- At least 33 people were killed and another 44 injured in a suicide attack that targeted an Afghan National Army recruitment center Monday in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, officials said.

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