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Passengers Forced to Stand for Five-Hour Flight

Photo Courtesy - Airline Tatarstan(RUSSIA) -- Airlines aren't known for treating their coach customers luxuriously. But a Russian airline has apparently taken spartan transportation to new heights, forcing six passengers to stand during a recent flight.

The six passengers were apparently without their own life vests or oxygen masks, let alone seatbelts in case of a rough landing, turbulence or a crash.

The Tatarstan Airlines flight last week from Antalya, Turkey to Ekaterinburg, Russia was fully booked with a tour group. At the last second, a Boeing 737 with 148 seats was replaced with another one that only had room for 142 passengers. The tour company, according to local media reports, offered the passengers a choice: wait seven hours for another flight or stand for the five hour flight back to Russia. All chose to stand, although they are now seeking $4,700 in compensation. The tour company offered about $200.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration requires all passengers to be buckled into their seats from the moment a plane leaves the gate until it reaches calm air at cruising altitude.

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