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Qantas Seeks Compensation; Investigators Identify Engine Defect

Photo Courtesy - Pascal Parrot/Getty Images(SYDNEY) -- Qantas Airways is taking legal action against Rolls-Royce, seeking compensation from the superjumbo engine manufacturer.

The airline filed a statement of claim in the Federal Court of Australia Thursday, opening the door to gaining a settlement from Rolls-Royce at some point.

“[Thursday's] action allows Qantas to keep all options available to the company to recover losses, as a result of the grounding of the A380 fleet and the operational constraints currently imposed on A380 services,” Sydney-based airline said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has identified the cause of the engine explosion that forced a Qantas Airbus A380 to make an emergency landing in Singapore on Nov. 4.  In a statement released Thursday, the bureau cites a "potential manufacturing defect with an oil tube connection" in the engine.

Qantas grounded all six of its superjumbo jets for three weeks following the incident.

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Qantas and Airbus Back in the Air with the A380

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SYDNEY) -- Qantas returned two of its A380 jets to the skies on Saturday after an explosion grounded the fleet earlier this month.  The Nov. 4 engine explosion sent the A380 back to the Singapore airport for an emergency landing. 

The mid-air explosion was the most serious safety incident to date for the gigantic jet.  Qantas officials now say the fleet, with its Rolls Royce engines, has been closely examined.  The Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines needed to have some turbines replaced.  Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told reporters before Saturday's flight, "We are 100 percent comfortable with it."

Joyce is one of the 478 passengers to climb on board the first post-accident flight, bound from Sydney to Singapore and on to London. 

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Qantas Airbus Grounded After Engine Fails in Flight

Photo Courtesy - Pascal Parrot/Getty Images(SINGAPORE) -- A Qantas Airbus en route to Sydney, Australia made an emergency landing in Singapore Thursday after one of its four engines failed.  The Airbus A380 took off from Singapore's Changi Airport and was forced to return to the tarmac after its number two engine shut down and lost part of its cover while flying over Indonesia.

Upon landing, the plane was surrounded by fire engines.  Some smoke was reportedly coming from the plane.

All 433 passengers and 26 crew members are safe.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says the company is suspending indefinitely all A380 flights, which includes six planes, until it understands what caused the problem.  Qantas believes the incident was "significant," calling it an "uncontained engine failure."  Joyce added that this is the first incident the company has had with the Aibus A380.

Rolls-Royce, along with Qantas and Airbus, is also investigating the incident.

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First Passenger Plane to Land in Baghdad in 20 Years

Photo Courtesy - AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- A French airline landed an Airbus 319 at Baghdad International Airport Sunday, making it virtually the first passenger plane to arrive there in two decades. A Scandinavian company tried briefly to run flights from Copenhagen to Baghdad last year but the effort lasted only a few days.

The London Telegraph says the Aigle Azur flight carried 111 passengers, most of them businessmen.

France’s ambassador to Baghdad, Boris Boillon, called the arrival “historic."  Other western airlines are examining the possibility of resuming flights to Baghdad but many are reluctant because while more stable, the country is still plagued by sectarian violence.  German airline Lufthansa had scheduled passenger flights but canceled them because too few passengers were willing to fly there for it to be profitable.

An Iraqi firm is scheduled to launch flights from London to Baghdad next week.

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