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Air France Crash: Investigators Release New Details

Air France(PARIS) -- French air accident investigators have analyzed the black boxes of the Air France jet that mysteriously crashed after taking off from Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

The French Accident Investigation Bureau says the Airbus A330 stalled while cruising. Flying through powerful thunderstorms, it appears the plane's speed indicators malfunctioned, leading to confusion in the cockpit.

"The crew, made up of three skilled pilots, demonstrated a totally professional attitude and were committed to carrying out their task to the very end," Air France said in response to the report.

"All the data collected must now be analyzed," the airline said. "It will only be at the end of this complex task...that the BEA will be able to establish the causes that led to the disaster."

Investigators say the plane took just three and a half minutes to fall 38,000 feet, killing all 228 people onboard.

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Missing Bodies Found Amid Wreckage of Air France Flight 447

HO/AFP/Getty Images(PARIS) -- Bodies from Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean almost two years ago, have been found by aquatic robots, and will be brought to the surface within the next few weeks, officials said.

There are 178 bodies still unaccounted for of the 228 who perished. Fifty-one bodies were recovered in the days following the accident on May 31, 2009, shortly after Flight 447 took off from Rio de Janeiro en route to Paris.

Most of the passengers were Brazilian, French and German. An American couple, Anne and Michael Harris, who was living in Brazil and have family in Louisiana, was also onboard.

The Airbus A330 jetliner began to experience electrical problems shortly after takeoff and read the plane's speed incorrectly. Several hours later, the plane could no longer be spotted on radar. It plunged into the ocean, with most of the fuselage still intact.

Investigators hope to find the plane's two black box flight recorders, which would help them piece together what caused the crash.

A French magistrate recently began investigating Airbus to see if the company could be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Judge Sylvie Zimmerman is overseeing the probe. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, Airbus could face criminal charges.

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