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US Navy Bans Sailors in Japan from Drinking at Night

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(TOKYO) -- The U.S. Navy is cracking down on sailors in Japan following a string of arrests involving military personnel.

Sailors will now be banned from drinking alcohol between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., even if they are in their homes, regardless of leave or liberty status.

The strict rule comes just weeks after U.S. forces in Japan enforced a curfew for all military personnel based there.  That was a direct response to allegations that two American sailors raped a young local woman in Okinawa last month.

A handful of other arrests have followed since.  In the most recent case, a sailor was caught urinating and stripping naked at a café.

About 53,000 troops are stationed in Japan, but the Japanese have become increasingly wary of the large military presence there.

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UK: Customer Accidentally Smashes $60K Bottle of Cognac 

Hemera/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- A clumsy customer shelled out more than $10,000 for two glasses of the world's most expensive cognac at London’s Playboy Club late last week. Afterward, he accidentally dropped the 234-year-old bottle of liquor, valued at $60,000.

London's Evening Standard reports the haughty hooch was destined for a Guinness Record for the world's most expensive cocktail, but when the customer lifted the bottle of 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux, he bobbled it, sending it smashing against the floor.

Master mixologist Salvatore Calabrese was to craft an Old and Wise with the centuries-old cognac, part of his million dollar-plus collection of old spirits. He is still in mourning.

"We all just froze, then it sunk in," he said. "I've been heartbroken. Not because of the value of the bottle, but because it is a piece of history that has been lost."

And because the bottle was opened, any insurance on it was voided. The customer, a businessman friend of the barman, remains anonymous.

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Death Toll from Indian Bootlegging Tragedy Rises to 171

iStockphot​o/Thinksto​ck(KOLKATA) -- The death toll from a bootleg alcohol tragedy rose to 171 on Friday, according to The Times of India.

The moonshine responsible for poisoning over 260 people in West Bengal is thought to have been tainted with ethanol. Most of the victims are believed to have been impoverished laborers and farmers.

Officials have arrested people in Sangrampur, a small village in West Bengal, although the principal bootleggers remain at large.

The incident has been called the worst tragedy of its kind in West Bengal's history.

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UK Pub Doesn’t Sell Booze

(Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock)(LONDON) -- The Brink looks like a pub in every way, from the crowds of people sipping drinks to the trendy interior, but there’s one thing it’s missing: alcohol.

“There’s not much that doesn’t focus around drinking in the UK,” said Jacquie Johnston-Lynch, a spokeswoman for substance abuse recovery program SHARP, which spearheaded the idea of opening Liverpool’s first dry bar.

But don’t call it a cafe. John Sutton, who reviews bars for the Liverpool Echo, was surprised to find that The Brink was very much a pub.

“It’s got the edge over a lot of its rivals,” Sutton wrote in his review.  “I had a Virgin Mary…and it was better than any version I’ve had of its vodka-infused cousin.”

The need for a dry venue was underscored by the sobering fact that Liverpool leads the UK in alcohol-linked hospital admissions, The Guardian reported.

Despite the lack of booze, the pub has been doing well, attracting more than just recovering alcoholics, Johnston-Lynch said.

“It’s an eclectic and cosmopolitan crowd, including single women, students, and musicians,” she said. “It’s become a really sophisticated venue.”

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