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Egypt: Division Among the Streets of Alexandria

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) -- People in Egypt, who seemed so united when demonstrations began two weeks ago, are beginning to fracture, with many calling for an end to the protests.

In Alexandria, some say they're sick of the protests and want to get back to work.

Aly, a mechanical engineer, told ABC News, "Enough is enough.  They've accomplished what they intended."

Yet others in the same city feel the opposite, and say that if demonstrations cease now, any and all progress made will be wiped out.

Protesters told ABC News if they stop now then all that they've gained will be lost, and the government will backtrack on its promises.´╗┐

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UPDATE: Toll Rises in Blast at Egyptian Coptic Christian Church

Photo Courtesy - STR/AFP/Getty Images(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) -- At least 21 people have now been confirmed dead in a Friday car-bombing outside a Coptic Christian church in the north Egyptian city of Alexandria.  Many more people have been rushed to a hospital.  The people were emerging from a New Year's service when it happened. 

Security has also been put on high alert across churches in Alexandria after the blast, which devastated many citizens on Khalil Hamada Street, where the church stood.  Muslim and Copts continue to clash in the area. 

Christians from the Coptic Orthodox Church make up about 10 percent of Egypt's predominantly Muslim population.

Alexandria is Egypt's second-largest city with a population of about four million.

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