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United States Ready to Exchange Ambassadors with Myanmar

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- As a result of the steps Myanmar’s leaders have taken in recent days, releasing political prisoners and striking peace deals with rebel groups, the Obama administration is prepared to begin the process of swapping ambassadors with the once-reclusive country, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Friday.

“In consultation with members of Congress and at the direction of President Obama, we will start the process of exchanging ambassadors with Burma. We will identify a candidate to serve as U.S. ambassador to represent the United States government and our broader efforts to strengthen and deepen our ties with both the people and the government,” Clinton said Friday morning.

The secretary of state said this would not happen right away. “This is a lengthy process and it will, of course, depend on continuing progress and reform. But American -- an American ambassador will help strengthen our efforts to support the historic and promising steps that are now unfolding,” she said.

Clinton also said that she’s directed her staff to identify “further steps that the United States can take in conjunction with our friends and allies to support the reforms under way.”

On Friday, Myanmar freed more than 600 political prisoners, some of whom had been held for two decades.

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Syria and the US Place Restrictions on Each Others' Diplomats

U.S. Department of State(WASHINGTON) -- Travel restrictions for Syrian and American diplomats had been rumored before, but the Syrian ambassador and the State Department confirmed it Wednesday.
Following U.S. Ambassador to Damascus Robert Ford’s trip to the restive city of Hama, the Syrian regime placed restrictions on his and all American diplomats’ travel outside of the capital. In order to leave they would need the consent of the government. That permission is unlikely given the current environment as the regime launches all-out attacks on a number of cities.
The State Department took reciprocal action, as is common in these cases, restricting Syrian diplomats’ travel to the immediate area around Washington, D.C.
“The Syrian Embassy must submit a Travel Approval Form to the Department at least seven days prior to the intended date of departure, not including the day the proposed travel is scheduled to take place, or weekends, and federal holidays,” the State Department confirmed in a statement Wednesday.
Ambassador Ford had been planning to travel to Deir el Zour, another restive Syrian city, but was unable to do so. Last week the regime began its siege on the city.
The State Department has voiced its concern about the actions of the Syrian embassy since the uprising began. Earlier this year they accused some embassy staff of intimidating Syrian-Americans who were protesting here, and also of going after their families back in Syria.

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