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G8 Pledges Up to $20 Billion in Aid to 'Arab Spring' Democracies

White House Pool Photo/Mike Majchrowitz/Fox News(DEAUVILLE, France) -- The G8 nations announced Friday what it called "the Deauville Partnership" with the people of North Africa and the Middle East, "support(ing) the aspirations of the 'Arab Spring'" and pledging up to $20 billion in potential aid to "free, democratic and tolerant societies."

Bereft of much detail, the "Deauville Partnership" seemed very much a work in progress -- as is the so-called "Arab Spring" itself.

With the prime ministers of Egypt and Tunisia and the Secretary of the Arab League on hand, the G8 leaders issued a communique stating that the world leaders "welcome the work done by Egypt and Tunisia in presenting to the international community of donors their program of actions towards economic and financial stability and preparing for more inclusive growth, and stand ready to support them.  We welcome the Egyptian authorities' decision to request IMF [International Monetary Fund] and multilateral development banks' assistance and Tunisia's request for a joint and coordinated development policy loan."

"In this context, multilateral development banks could provide over $20 [billion], including €3.5 [billion] from the EIB [European Investment Bank], for Egypt and Tunisia for 2011-2013 in support of suitable reform efforts," the communique stated.

There weren't many specifics beyond those numbers and the previously announced $2 billion in U.S. aid for Egypt.

The G8 leaders called for "action plans" from the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the EIB, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Islamic Development Bank.

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Arabs Earn Less, Work More than Israeli Jews

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ISRAEL) – Despite working longer hours, Israeli Arabs earn less than their Jewish counterparts for the same work, according to data released by the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry and the Central Bureau of Statistics.

In 2007, Arab employees earned an average monthly gross wage of NIS (Israeli new shekel) 5,410 compared to the NIS 7,885 earned by Jewish employees, despite Arab men working 3.8 hours longer each week.

Arab households also earned less monthly, NIS 8,818 compared to the NIS 14,242 earned by Jewish households.

Although employment figures were about the same for men, only 22 percent of Israeli Arab women were employed in 2007, compared to 66.6 percent of Jewish women.

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US Tourist Murdered in Israel; Survivor Claims Arab Attackers

Photo Courtesy - Yoav Ari Dudkevitch/Getty Images(MATA, Israel) -- The friend of an American tourist who was stabbed to death in Israel over the weekend said it was clear their attackers -- allegedly two Arab men -- undoubtedly meant to murder the pair as they were hiking.

"It all happened so fast.  They came out and attacked us," Kaye Susan Wilson told Israeli media as she recovered in an Israeli hospital after reportedly suffering 12 stab wounds Saturday while hiking in a forest near Jerusalem.  "It was clear they came to kill."

While Wilson said she was able to survive by playing dead, her friend, American Kristine Luken, 44, did not.  Luken's body was found Sunday with multiple stab wounds.  Her hands were tied behind her back.

Israeli police said they believe Wilson's account of the attack but are looking into all possibilities.

Wilson, described by Israeli media as an immigrant to Israel from the U.K., was wearing a necklace with the Star of David on it during the attack.  At one point, she said one of the attackers ripped the symbol off her neck and then stabbed her with what looked like a bread knife where it had been hanging.

"I saw that the stab had not penetrated my heart and I played dead.  While I lay there I could hear my friend dying.  Her breath sounded like bubbles," Wilson told Israeli newspaper Haaretz.  "I waited two minutes, we lay in the corridor.  Our hands tied behind our backs and something was covering my mouth.  It was terribly hard for me to get up but I managed to go.  I saw that we were in a bush area and I did not know then that they had fled.  I felt myself getting tired, all I wanted to do was sleep but I knew I could not."

Eventually, Wilson said she was able to stumble to a parking lot where she was spotted by passersby who called police.

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