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Clashes Erupt in Greece as Workers Begin Two-Day Strike

LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images(ATHENS, Greece) -- Clashes between police and demonstrators erupted in Greece again Wednesday as workers there began a two-day general strike in protest of new austerity measures being proposed by the government.

The BBC reports protesters in Athens have been throwing stones and smoke bombs at authorities, who have been firing back with tear gas.

The protesters, who numbered in the tens of thousands, are angry about a parliamentary vote expected later this week: the Greek government is looking to make more budget cuts in order to receive bailout packages from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, and avoid defaulting on its debt.

As the 48-hour strike kicked off on Wednesday, flights were grounded, public means of transportation were halted, and schools and local businesses were closed.

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Bomb Explodes Outside Athens Court Building; No One Injured

Photo Courtesy - Louisa Gouliamaki /AFP/Getty Images(ATHENS, Greece) -- Greece's capital was rocked by another explosion Thursday morning, leaving behind broken windows and at least eight burned-out cars, but no injuries.

A bomb hidden on a parked motorcycle ripped through an area just outside of a court building in Athens.  The blast sent up a cloud of smoke that could be seen across the city.

A warning was called in to several media outlets, which allowed people to clear out and avoid getting injured.

The explosion is believed to be linked to an upcoming trial involving a group of homegrown militant suspects.

At least a dozen suspected members of the anarchist collective known as the Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire are due to go on trial in mid-January.  The group is allegedly responsible for the series of parcel bombs that were sent to embassies in Greece last month.

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Riots, Strike in Greece Over Austerity Cuts

Photo Courtesy - Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images(ATHENS, Greece) -- Riots broke out in Athens Wednesday, as thousands of Greeks took to the streets to protest Parliament's approval of new austerity cuts.

Demonstrators squared off with riot squads outside of Parliament, facing rounds of tear gas, while firing back at police with rocks.  The anti-austerity marchers are against the new labor reforms and say the cuts will force people to lose their jobs.

The spending cuts are required under the 110-billion-euro bailout agreement Greece made with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to be saved from going bankrupt.

Along with the protest, Greece is also facing a general strike that is causing flights to be grounded, factories to be closed and disruptions to schools and mass-transit systems.

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