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Exclusive: Prince Harry on Kate Middleton, Royal Bachelor Party

ABC News(SVALBARD, Norway) -- Prince Harry has plenty of nice things to say about the upcoming wedding of his brother and Kate Middleton, but he won't say a word about that bachelor party.

"I'm not going to talk about that," the prince told ABC’s Bob Woodruff in an exclusive interview in Svalbard, Norway. The prince is there on a partial trek to the North Pole with wounded veterans.

The two went on to talk about the wedding, Prince Charles' involvement in the selection of the music for the wedding and Prince Harry's upcoming training to pilot Apache attack helicopters. As the interview concluded, however, the prince said with a laugh to Woodruff, "Nice, try getting me to talk about the stag weekend. That was never going to happen."

The young prince marveled, however, about the upcoming nuptials.

"It's a big deal. It's not just a normal wedding," said Prince Harry. "It's a really big decision for him to bring Kate into the family."

Harry, who will be William's best man at the April 29 wedding, said he hasn't started working on his speech yet. He would not say who he was taking to the wedding.

The prince said he is looking forward to having Middleton in the family, noting he had always wanted another sibling. "A younger brother or sister wouldn't have been nicer, but to have a big sister is very, very nice," he said.

"She's a fantastic girl, she really is, my brother is very lucky," said Harry. "She's very lucky to find my brother. The two of them are a classic match."

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William, Close Pals Celebrate Prince's Last Few Weeks of Singledom

Ben Stansall - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince William and 20 close pals celebrated the prince's final few weeks of  being single this weekend at a country estate in Norfolk, England.

The secret bachelor party took place just two hours outside London.

"We believe that William had a house party effectively within the grounds of a big stately home owned by friend Ed Van Cutsen, he's one of the ushers at the wedding," said ABC News contributor Duncan Larcombe.

The all-boys-bash was planned by best man Guy Pelly and younger brother Prince Harry.

Harry had originally planned a water-themed celebration with speed boats and water skiing, but these plans were dropped after details leaked to the press.

"He did everything he could to stay out of the public eye," said Larcombe.  "The shy prince does it again, no one got near him."

That shy one would be Will of course, not Harry.

As for Harry, seeing out his brother's days of bachelorhood came just a few days before he is due in the North Pole where he will take part in a four-week, 200-mile journey for charity.

"This was a logical weekend for them -- William just got back from Australia, there weren't that many dates left," Larcombe told ABC News.

So what about Kate Middleton's bachelorette party?

"Well, we know that's coming," said royal author Katie Nicholl.  "I'm hearing possibly next weekend."

"It's probably going to be at the Middleton family home," continued Nicholl.  "Although they have hired out four venues in London in case they want to hit the capital."

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Prince Harry's Plans His Brother's Last Blast As a Single Man

Photo Courtesy - Ben Stansall - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Party-loving Prince Harry is planning his brother's farewell homage to the single life, but some things are off limits for Prince William's bachelor party, ABC News' royal contributor said.

"[Prince Harry] made a secret plan with the guys that run one of the best water sports companies, and they're going to be out with speed boats, wake boards, water skiing; spend the whole day basically on the English Channel having fun," Duncan Larcombe said.

Drinking is prohibited on the water, so a private pub crawl is being planned for the end of the day on the last weekend before the April 29 weekend.

"They've put a lot of thought into choosing the right place for the stag and one of the concerns that they had is being too public, so what Harry's hatched is the plan to speedboat at the end of the day...go up the river to a couple of little pubs that are only accessible by boat or on foot," Larcombe said.

To set a tone of discretion, they have decided not to go to South Africa, but instead stay in the United Kingdom.

"One of the other plans they looked into was to rent or stay in a French ski chalet in the French Alps," Larcombe said. "I think William's made it quite clear that while Harry's doing the plans in secret and it's all a surprise for William, he has set ground rules: not too lavish, nothing that's going to get him criticism at home and abroad for spending too much money when the economy is not rosy."

The guest list is 20 good friends of the future king of England.

"The people going on the stag weekend are absolutely the inner circle, William's closest friends, a couple of guys from military, his colleges, and guys he's known since growing up," Larcombe said. 

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