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Heavy Metal in Baghdad Now Means Music, Not Tanks

Photo Courtesy - Fatalogy/Facebook(BAGHDAD) -- Heavy metal is back in Baghdad and for a change that doesn't mean tanks or artillery.

More than 300 "metalheads" defied the dangers of being in a Baghdad crowd -- which are tempting targets for terrorists -- to rock out with the band Fatalogy last week on Karradah Street. Earlier this month worshippers at a Christian church were massacred in the Karradah neighborhood.

The only violence at the Fatalogy performance, however, was the high decibel assault on the ears and the fans leaping into the mosh pit.

The name of the band and much of their music reflects the grim reality of Baghdad's recent past. Fatalogy is a combination of the English word "fatal" and the scientific suffix "logy," understandable in a city where death has been common thanks to armed militias, al Qaeda, and exploding arsenals of IEDs, car bombs, mortars, and the like.

Heavy metal has been popular in Baghdad since the early 1990s and boasted half a dozen bands during Saddam Hussein's regime. It disappeared from the stage after the 2003 U.S. invasion, surviving only on CDs and YouTube videos. With a fragile security seemingly taking hold, heavy metal bands are emerging once again.

The band opened its show with two original songs, one called "Abu Ghraib" and the other "War After War." Abu Ghraib was a notorious prison under Saddam and the now-shuttered jail took on a new meaning for Iraqis after the U.S. invasion, when pictures surfaced of U.S. some soldiers mistreating terror suspects who had been held there.

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