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Pentagon Unsure of Quality of Soldiers' Body Armor 

US [dot] Army [dot] mil(WASHINGTON) -- There's a pretty good chance that soldiers currently serving overseas or ones previously deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan wore armor that didn't adequately protect them from bodily harm.

A new Pentagon report finds that bullet-blocking plates for body armor were improperly tested by the Army.  The plate were the products of contracts awarded between 2004 and 2006.

As a result, the military doesn't know with 100 percent certainty whether five million pieces of equipment can adequately protect American service personnel from gunfire.

The audit conducted on the armor plates, known as ballistic inserts, says that tests were either incomplete or based on inconsistent ballistic test rounds.  Some examinations weren't even done because of the necessity of rushing the bullet-block plate to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even before the audit took place, the Army said it has enhanced its testing techniques "to provide the best body armor possible to the soldier."

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