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Man Detonates Small Explosive Device in Beijing Airport

Getty/George Doyle/Thinkstock(BEIJING) -- A man detonated a small explosive device in the arrival area of Beijing International Airport Saturday at 6:24 p.m. local time.

State media have identified the man as 34-year-old Ji Zhongxing.

Zhongxing uses a wheelchair, and is believed to have a grievance against the police. BBC News reports that an online microblog claims the man was paralyzed after being beaten by security agents in 2005.

He allegedly detonated the device, made out of gunpowder taken from fireworks, after police stopped him from distributed leaflets.

Zhongxing was the only person injured in the blast. The terminal was back open less than two hours afterwards.

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Israeli Bus Explodes in Tel Aviv as Diplomats Work Toward Truce

MAJDI FATHI/AFP/Getty ImagesUPDATE: Israel and Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Wednesday.

(TEL AVIV, Israel) -- A bomb ripped through an Israeli bus near the nation's military headquarters in Tel Aviv Wednesday, wounding more than a dozen people, Israeli officials said.

The bus exploded around noon local time in one of the city's busiest areas, near the Tel Aviv museum.  Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said authorities were investigating whether the bomb had been planted and left on the bus or whether it was the work of a suicide bomber.

Overnight, the violence between Israel and the neighboring Gaza Strip continued as Israeli aircraft pounded Gaza with dozens of strikes, hitting government ministries, underground tunnels, a banker's empty villa and a Hamas-linked media office.  Gaza health officials said there were no deaths or injuries.

The Israeli Defense Force said they've now destroyed 50 underground rocket launching sites in Gaza.  The IDF also said that two rockets were fired from Gaza toward densely populated areas in Israel, but were intercepted by the "Iron Dome" missile shield.

In Gaza, at least four strikes within seconds of each other pulverized a complex of government ministries the size of a city block, rattling nearby buildings and shattering windows.  Hours later, clouds of acrid dust still hung over the area and smoke still rose from the rubble.

In downtown Gaza City, another strike leveled the empty, two-story home of a well-known banker and buried a police car parked nearby in rubble.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah early Wednesday to try to help broker a truce between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip to end a week of tit-for-tat missile and rocket fire.

Israel and the Hamas militant group seemed to edge closer to a ceasefire on Tuesday but after a day of furious diplomatic efforts, a deal remained elusive and fighting raged on both sides of the border.

Israeli officials told ABC News that a window of opportunity for a deal could close if Hamas refuses to agree to a long-term ceasefire.  That ceasefire would be measured in years, not months.  Hamas is demanding that Israel loosen its iron grip on Gaza's borders and ease its maritime blockade.

Clinton will also meet with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo later on Wednesday.  The U.S. will not meet with Hamas because it considers it a terrorist group.

On Tuesday, Clinton met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for more than two hours behind closed doors, saying she sought to "de-escalate the situation in Gaza."  Clinton hinted it would take some time to finally reach an agreement.

The meeting came amid statements from Hamas earlier in the day that a ceasefire would soon be announced.  Netanyahu said he would prefer to use "diplomatic means" to find a solution to the fighting, but that Israel would take "whatever actions necessary" to defend its people.

Clinton relayed a message from President Obama, reinforcing America's commitment to Israel's security and calling for an end to the rockets coming from "terrorist organizations in Gaza."

She added that she would reiterate her message to Morsi when they meet later on Wednesday.

The rocket fire between Israel and Hamas, which began seven days ago, has claimed more than 138 Palestinian lives and five Israeli lives.  Half the Palestinian deaths were civilians; four of the five Israelis were civilians.  A ceasefire, if reached, would bring a halt to the worst violence between Gaza and Israel in four years.

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WWII Bomb Discovery Prompts Airport Shutdown in Japan

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images(SENDAI, Japan) -- Officials closed one of northern Japan's major airports Monday upon the discovery of an unexploded bomb, believed to be from World War II, near a runway.

Flight arrivals and departures were canceled at Sendai airport while a bomb disposal unit investigated the device, found during construction work. The unit determined the WWII-era bomb had been made in the U.S.

BBC News reports the airport, now under construction for repairs after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, had operated as a Japanese military flight school during the war.  

Sendai police officials are considering evacuating nearby homes as the disposal unit decides how to remove the ordinance, BBC reports.  

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Truck Bomb Outside US Base in Afghanistan Injures Troops, Civilians

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- A suicide truck bomb exploded outside the gate of a U.S. military base in eastern Afghanistan Tuesday, leaving at least 11 civilians and two NATO troops injured.

In a statement, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed the attack, saying, "According to current reporting, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack took place outside an ISAF base and near an Afghan bazaar in Logar province this morning."

While the ISAF said reports indicated Afghan civilians were wounded in the blast, they did not mention any injuries among NATO troops.  Instead, the coalition said, "Currently, there are no reports that indicate there were ISAF fatalities."

According to AFP, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in a text message.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid wrote,"At around 9:00 am one of our mujahideen (holy warriors) carried out a suicide truck bomb attack on a big US forces' camp resulting in many deaths and injuries."

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Several Afghan Civilians Dead After Bomb Strikes Bus Near Kabul

SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- At least nine Afghan civilians are dead and three others wounded after a remote-controlled explosive struck a minibus near Kabul Tuesday morning.

The blast occurred in Paghman district, an area that is a popular picnic spot for Afghans.  According to reports, the intended target may have been Afghan National Army soldiers but civilians were mistakenly hit instead.

Police have arrested the suspected insurgent, who was caught with the remote detonation device in his hand.  

While no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, fingers are being pointed at the Taliban.

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Fake Bomb Spurs Evacuation in Oslo

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(OSLO, Norway) -- U.S. officials apologized Tuesday for mistakenly leaving a fake bomb attached to an embassy vehicle in Oslo and causing a bomb scare that led to the evacuation of the U.S. embassy, Norway's royal palace and part of downtown Oslo.

The device had been placed beneath an embassy vehicle as part of a security drill and then mistakenly left there. It was spotted by security guards at the embassy's front entrance when someone tried to drive the vehicle onto embassy grounds just after 11 a.m. local time, triggering the evacuation of the embassy and the palace, the cancellation of an international children's soccer game nearby, and an interruption of nearby subway train traffic.

Deputy State Dept. spokesperson Patrick Ventrell confirmed that the device had been used in a previous drill and then forgotten.

"This morning at our U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway," said Ventrell, "embassy security staff identified a suspicious device in an embassy-owned vehicle and took appropriate precautions. Upon investigation, the device was determined to be a non-threatening training device previously used in an exercise."

"We regret any disruption caused by this incident not only for visitors to the embassy and others, but neighbors, and we take any potential threat seriously and respond immediately," he said.

In Oslo, the U.S. ambassador apologized to police via a phone call, according to Norwegian media. An embassy spokeswoman also issued a public apology. "The Embassy regrets the uproar this caused," said Marit Andersen. "But to ensure the safety of embassy employees, visitors and our neighbors, it is necessary that we take every security threat seriously and act accordingly. The Embassy would like to express gratitude for the extremely fast and professional response from Norwegian emergency services. "

The Oslo bomb squad, emergency services and other agencies responded to the bomb alert. The children's soccer game was cancelled so the field could be used to land helicopters. The Oslo squad removed the object and determined that it was a dummy bomb. The Oslo City Council, according to Norwegian media, is seeking compensation for the police response.

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Nuclear Plant Scare: Explosives Found in Sweden

(NEW YORK) -- Swedish officials have raised security levels at the country's nuclear power plants after a small amount of explosives, without its detonator, was discovered at one of the plants during a routine security check, local authorities said.

The explosive material, believed to be civilian-type explosives used in demolition or excavation, was about the size of a tennis ball and was found in a truck at Sweden's Ringhals nuclear power plant. The truck had been on its way from an industrial park into a secure area, but had never made it inside the facility, according to the Ringhals spokesman Gosta Larsen. Since the explosives lacked the detonator, there was no imminent danger, authorities said.

A sample has been sent to a Swedish lab for analysis. Police are investigating whether it could be a case of sabotage but so far have no suspects, said police spokesman Tommy Nyman.

"An outsider has obviously placed them on the truck," Nyman said. "We're talking to the truck driver and are trying to map out her movements within the [Ringhals] premises throughout the day."

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Italian Bomb Blast Outside School Leaves One Dead, Five Injured 

(NEW YORK) -- A bomb explosion outside a school in the south Italian city of Brinidisi left one girl dead and five injured, the BBC reports.

Students were arriving to school Saturday morning when an explosive device in a waste bin detonated around 7:45 (CEST), city mayor Mimmo Consales told reporters. No one claimed responsibility for the blast, but Consales indicated it was connected to the mafia, says the BBC.

Melissa Bassi, 16, was killed in the attack. Another 16-year-old girl, who was initially reported dead, is alive but in very serious condition. Four others are being treated for extensive burns, including one has serious chest injuries and another who may lose her legs.

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Four Killed, 10 Injured in Afghan Motorcycle Bomb Attack

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- At least four people were killed in an explosion in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday.

The blast was spurred by a remote-controlled bomb that was hidden in a motorcycle parked in Spin Boldak, a border town in Kandahar province.

Among the fatalities were a woman and a child.

At least 10 others, including a police officer, were injured, according to the spokesperson of Kandahar's governor.

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Car Bomb Kills Kandahar Police Officers; Injures Dozens

Lance Cpl. Dexter S. Saulisbury/Released(KANDAHAR, Afghanistan) -- Afghan officials say at least seven people, including five police officers, were killed when a car bomb exploded outside police headquarters in the southern city of Kandahar on Sunday.

So far, there has been no claim of responsibility for the blast that has left nearly two dozen people injured. Many of the people injured are in critical condition, according to health officials in Kandahar.

The attack follows last month's bombing just outside the main NATO base in Kandahar, an attack claimed by the Taliban. Despite the addition of tens of thousands of NATO forces in southern  Afghanistan, Kandahar and the surrounding province remain of the most dangerous areas in the country.  

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