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Gadhafi's Forces Score New Success in Libya

MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images(TRIPOLI, Libya) -- The seesaw battle for control of Libya took another turn Tuesday as forces loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi managed to overwhelm rebels who had gained ground in the oil-rich city of Brega.

Rebel fighters were unable to hold their gains from the day before after coming under a heavy barrage of rockets and artillery from the government's better-equipped forces.  As a result, the rebels were forced to head back to the city of Ajdabiya, a further indication that the ongoing conflict has essentially turned into a stalemate.

The only way anti-Gadhafi fighters have made any headway is with support from NATO air strikes, which the coalition says are used primarily to protect civilians.  A no-fly zone over Libya has grounded Gadhafi's air force.

NATO also claims that it has destroyed about a third of Gadhafi's heavy artillery although his loyalists have been able to move tanks and other heavy equipment into populated areas of the rebel-held city of Misrata, which prevents the alliance from targeting these sites.

In other developments, the rebels say they are prepared to export oil from Libya for the first time since taking arms to overthrow Gadhafi's regime.  The European Union said it would lift its embargo on Libyan oil exports in that case as long as profits aren't pocketed by Gahdafi or his government.

It's believed the rebels control about a dozen Libyan oil fields.

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Libyan Rebels Continue Westward Push, Take Three More Towns

ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images(BREGA, Libya) -- Libyan rebels continued to move westwards across the country on Sunday, reportedly taking control of three more towns in their push.

On Sunday rebels took control of the key oil town of Brega as they continued their push towards the capital Tripoli. The rebels also reportedly took control of the towns of Ras Lanuf and Uqayla, according to a report by BBC News.

Sunday’s conquests follow the recapture of the city of Ajdabiya by rebels on Saturday.

Both the Obama Administration and Libyan rebels have said that the success of air raids by coalition forces has helped in the takeovers. Moammar Gadhafi’s forces have been forced to retreat from the towns because of the air strikes, enabling rebels to gain the upper hand.

On Saturday night French warplanes that are part of the coalition forces, reportedly destroyed five Libyan planes and two helicopters at a base in Misrata.

The United Nations has authorized the imposition of the no-fly zone in Libya, and international coalition forces have been working to enforce the no-fly zone.

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Gadhafi Forces Strike Brega

Photo Courtesy - US State Dept.(BENGHAZI, Libya) -- Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi launched more air attacks Thursday on the Libyan oil port city of Brega, now controlled by rebels. The air strikes were targeting the airport in Brega next to the oil terminal. They hit strategic assets hard, dropping bombs on the city and on land, firing from a hilltop, 460 miles east of the capitol Tripoli.

This is the most significant battle in what's shaping up to be a civil war.

While the opposition wants the US to enforce a no-fly zone, so far the US is resisting saying that would be a big operation in a big country.

Also in Libya Thursday, Pro-Gadhafi forces seized three Dutch marines as they were helping to evacuate their nationals. Now the Netherlands is trying to negotiate their release. This, as humanitarian help is on the way with two US ships and at least 800 marines in the Mediterranean waters.

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