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One-Eyed Matador Returns to Ring

NAYADE MONCIN/AFP/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Five months ago Juan Jose Padilla’s gory face and cries of “I can’t see!” shocked spectators, who seconds before were watching the world-class matador participate in a bullfight.

Blood dripped down the Spanish bullfighter’s face after his lower jaw was gored by the bull, going all the way through to his left eye.

After extensive surgery, Padilla wears an eye patch and can’t chew. Despite his injuries, he plans to return to the ring on Sunday for the first time since his accident.

“I’m somebody who has always accepted the risks of my profession, as well as its rewards,” he told the New York Times.

In 2001, Padilla suffered a neck injury while fighting a bull in Pamplona, Spain.

One week after his 2011 accident, Padilla spoke to fans, the U.K.’s Mirror reported.

“I do not want fans to feel sorry for [me],” he said. “I will fight again dressed as a bullfighter because this is my dream to meet the fans.”

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