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Vietnam: Bus Driver Takes Cop on Wild Ride

File photo. iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A Vietnamese traffic cop who would stop at nothing to issue a bus driver a ticket, and a bus driver who would do anything to avoid a ticket, combined for a wild ride in Hanoi.

Traffic police Second Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan pulled over a 39-seat passenger coach on Monday and ordered the driver to show his paperwork, according to Thanh Nien Daily.

The bus driver, identified as Phung Hong Phuong, refused to show his paperwork and then attempted to drive off.  His plans to flee were thwarted, however, when Phan jumped onto the front of the bus and clung onto the windshield as oncoming traffic whizzed by.

The wild episode was captured on video, reportedly shot by another officer, and posted on YouTube. The video shows Phan hanging on for dear life and yelling as the bus travelled for more than half a mile.

A chase brought on by other traffic cops and bystanders eventually forced Phuong to bring the bus to a stop.

He told police that he fled because he was afraid of being fined.  He later confessed that he had an earlier conviction for fatally running over someone and served nearly four years in prison, before being released in 2010.

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Nepal Bus Crash Kills 40+

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(KATHMANDU, Nepal) -- At least 43 passengers aboard a bus in eastern Nepal were killed Thursday when the vehicle swerved off a mountain road and fell into a river, according to police.

Police told AFP the bus plummeted 300 meters -- or about 984 feet -- into the Sun Kosi River, about 50 miles from Kathmandu.

"Forty-three dead bodies have already been recovered and the bus has been destroyed.  It is likely that more bodies will be found near the crash site, which is very remote," Lokendra Shrestha, police officer in Sindhuli district, told AFP.

Several passengers were also injured in the accident, two critically, AFP reports.

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Dozens Killed after Bus Blaze in China

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(BEIJING) -- At least 41 people are dead after a double-decker bus caught fire Friday morning on a highway in central China, according to state media.

The Xinhua News Agency reports the incident occurred in Xinyang City in Henan province and involved a possibly overcrowded bus carrying hazardous goods on board.  The bus reportedly had a limit of 35 sleeper berths.

Six passengers managed to escape the flames and were transported to nearby hospitals, Xinhua reports.

Those who were killed will likely have to be identified by DNA tests since they were severely burned, officials said according to Xinhua.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire.

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Explosion at Jerusalem Bus Stop Renews Fears of Terror Attacks

Yoav Ari Dudkevitch/Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- An explosion that occurred near a bus station in Jerusalem Wednesday is renewing fears of a new wave of terror attacks in Israel.

It's been four years since the city of Jerusalem has been rocked by an attack of this scale.  The three-pound bomb, which was placed in a bag and set down at a bus stop, killed at least one woman -- a British tourist -- and injured over 25 others.  It also blew out the front windows of two buses.

Israel believes Palestinian militants are behind the terror attack and are searching for the culprit.  No militant group has claimed responsibility for the bomb.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by strongly condemning the attack in a statement from his office, while Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said it contradicts the Palestinian people's plan to achieve freedom throuhg peaceful means.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't specifically remark on the attack.  Instead, from the airport before boarding a flight to Moscow, Netanyahu discussed the general escalation in violence over the past few days.  He vowed Israel would respond firmly, responsibly and wisely, but didn't give any details.

Now the question on many people's minds is whether the attack in Jerusalem is related to the uptick in violence along the Gaza border.

In the last two days, militants have shot over 15 rockets and mortars into southern Israel.  The Israeli Air Force has struck back with airstrikes, leaving at least nine Palestinians, including four civilians, dead.

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Explosion Near Bus Stop in Jerusalem Leaves Dozens Injured, Kills One

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- An explosion in Jerusalem Wednesday torched a city bus and left dozens of people injured and killed one, according to witnesses.

The blast took place opposite the central bus station near the entrance to the city.  The explosion is believed to have derived from a bomb inside the bus, and it appears a kilo of explosives with shrapnel was detonated by remote control.

Ambulances and emergency personnel are on scene clearing out the wounded, and officials have cordoned off the area.

Wednesday's blast is the first attack of its kind since 2004, when a bus last blew up in Jerusalem and attacks involving Israeli buses were a hallmark of the last intifada.

The explosion also comes at a time of rising tension between the Israelis and Hamas.  Earlier in the day, mortars and rockets were fired at Be'er Sheva and the Israeli Air Force struck back with an attack on Gaza.  In recent days, Israel has threatened to launch a new military offensive.

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