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Teen London Marathoner Starts Boston Twitter Campaign

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)(LONDON) -- Despite the bombing at Monday’s running of the Boston Marathon, leaving three dead and more than 170 injured, the London Marathon will proceed as scheduled Sunday.

Londoner Amelie Hunton, 18, will be participating in Sunday’s race, and she wants to make sure the people of Boston know the London runners are with them.

“I set up the campaign [@LONDON4BOSTON] for runners to acknowledge their bond beyond borders and support all those in Boston,” Hunton told ABC News.

Her hope is to get as many runners as possible to wear a green ribbon around their wrist as they complete the London Marathon Sunday.

The Twitter page Hunton created reads, “GREEN RIBBON DURING THE LONDON MARATHON in support of those in Boston who were killed, injured or just shocked and those who were denied a chance to finish.”

Hunton has been running since age 9, but this weekend’s race will be her first full marathon.

Since creating the Twitter page Tuesday, Hunton said she has already received a lot of support, both on Twitter and on the radio in England. She said she has been in contact with the organizers of the London Marathon in an attempt to get her green ribbon effort officially adopted.

About launching this grassroots effort, Hunton said, “I have not done anything like this before but was inspired to start this campaign after seeing the shocking images on the news last night.”

Representatives for the London Marathon have said the race will be issuing each runner a black ribbon to wear as a sign of “solidarity” with the people of Boston. There will also be a 30-second period of silence observed before the beginning of each of the three different starts Sunday.

Police in London were reviewing security plans for the London Marathon on Monday night.

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Mayoral Candidate Banned from Ballot for Using Porn in Campaign

@MiradHadziahmet/Twitter(ZENICA, Bosnia) -- A candidate for mayor in a Bosnian city was thrown off the ballot Friday for spicing up his campaign by including porn on his website.

Mirad Hadziahmetovic vowed to appeal the ruling.

"The electoral commission ordered I remove adult (R-rated clips) within three hours, so I did it," Hadziahmetovic told ABC News. "I will appeal tomorrow. We will know the outcome by Wednesday or Thursday."

He also considers his unorthodox tactic a success.

"I made a name for myself with this provocative campaign and now people do know about my mayoral program," he said.

Hadziahmetovic, 43, an independent mayoral candidate in the Muslim dominated town of Zenica in central Bosnia, uploaded several porn clips to his official website in hopes of bringing in some traffic.

Visitors to Hadziahmetovic's site were asked to answer a few questions about Zenica's economy and public policies and verify their age. One example: "What is more important for Zenica, job creation or increasing the municipal budget through taxes?"

After answering Hadziahmetovic's questions, they could then open the erotica. And following every explicit clip, Hadziahmetovic appeared on camera saying, "If you liked this clip, vote for me."

Hadziahmetovic's site crashed under the traffic generated by thousands of eager viewers when it first went live last week, although it's not clear whether the enthusiastic response was an endorsement of his municipal policies.

But Bosnia's electoral commission did not like it and banned his candidacy saying in a statement Friday that he "violated Bosnia's electoral law by publishing pornographic photos and video clips during the electoral campaign."

Hadziahmetovic, who was born a Muslim but says he is an atheist, is a businessman and a rookie politician. He told ABC News that his tactic was meant to be "provocative."

"I guess people like it," he said shortly before the electoral commission made its ruling, adding that because of his web site "electoral participation would go up greatly."

Lustful advertising was not the only unorthodox ingredient in his campaign. His political slogans were unconventional, particularly for this overwhelmingly Muslim city with a reputation of one of the most religious places in Bosnia. "Tehran or Hollywood?" one ad asks, adding, "The choice is yours! "

Zenica is the fifth largest city in Bosnia with a population of more than 90,000 people. The election will take place on Oct. 7.

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Superman, Batman Join Fight to Save Horn of Africa

Justice League fights hunger. (DC Entertainment)(NEW YORK) -- As the months of drought and famine drag on in the impoverished Horn of Africa, some heroes are coming to the rescue: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, along with the rest of DC Comics’ The Justice League, are the new face of a joint campaign called “We Can Be Heroes."

A joint advertising campaign by corporate partners DC Entertainment and its parent company Time Warner, Inc, (which also includes Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting, Time Inc., HBO), and non-profits Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps., seeks to use the famed comic book heroes to raise awareness and funds for the hunger crisis in severely affected regions of East Africa.

Time Warner Inc. has set a fundraising goal of $2 million over the next two years and will match any donations (up to $2 million). Each of the non-profit organizations will split evenly the funds donated by Time Warner.

The companies announced the campaign last week at a press conference in New York.

“We are a global company, and this is a global issue,” said Barry Meyer, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. "By marshaling our expertise in consumer and fan engagement and creating global awareness, we hope we’re able to inspire others to join us in becoming ‘heroes’ and make a difference in the Horn of Africa.”

Time Warner will run ads and public service announcements featuring the Justice League online and in comics, television programs and possibly in theaters.  Special Justice League merchandise will also be available for sale.

According to the World Bank’s latest comprehensive statistics, drought has put nearly 13.3 million people in urgent need of humanitarian aid across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti, and aid agencies have not been able to help all of them. The U.S. State Department estimates that as many as four million people will remain at risk of starvation through August.

Drought, in addition to pervasive war in countries outside of the Horn like Sudan and Tanzania, has caused millions of refugees to flee to already-resource-depleted areas of East Africa.

Carrie Welch, senior vice president of external relations at the International Resource Committee, thinks that the campaign will help turn public attention to the suffering in the region.

“It’s not on the front page, not the top of the news,” she said. “People will be affected by this for years to come, so any kind of creative, innovative thinking is good for us and very good for the people that we serve.”

Welch hopes that the advertising may attract the attention of children, who have the power to help influence where the charity dollars may go, though they are often forgotten by organizations seeking donations.

“Kids see this and they go home and begin to talk to their parents about the crisis in the horn of East Africa,” Welch said, adding that her 13-year-old daughter is excited about the campaign. “It adds a touch of coolness to what I do,” she said.

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Obama‚Äôs British Bundler: London Woman Taps Expat Cash for Campaign

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- President Obama is tapping into a pool of campaign cash from wealthy Americans abroad with help from a single foreign-based bundler who lives in London.

Diana Shaw Clark, who records show is a self-employed writer, raised at least $50,000 for Obama and the Democratic National Committee during the second quarter, according to a report of the top volunteer fundraisers provided by the Obama campaign.  

Two hundred forty-four bundlers together raked in at least $35 million for the Obama Victory Fund in April, May and June. Clark is the only one living overseas.

“If you live in London and are part of the large expat community, you can hit up your friends who are U.S. citizens just as you could in New York or Los Angeles,” said Michael Beckel of the Center for Responsive Politics.  

“Candidates are going to reach out to whomever they can, wherever they can, even if that means reaching out to communities of U.S. citizens in other countries,” he said.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama flew to London for a star-studded fundraiser at the Notting Hill home of Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, where he reportedly collected more than $400,000 from expat supporters.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney recently made a trip across the pond to raise cash, appealing to supporters at the Dartmouth House in central London.

While federal law forbids candidates from accepting campaign contributions from foreign citizens, governments or corporations, the estimated 300,000 Americans living in the United Kingdom can give freely -- and vote.

Clark, who has played a key role in mobilizing expat Democrats, is the only one of three foreign-based bundlers for Obama from 2008 who has returned to help with fundraising for 2012.  

UK Warner Bros. executive Josh Berger, who bundled between $200,000 and $500,000, and Switzerland-based lawyer Charles Adams, who netted between $50,000 and $100,000, are not on the 2011 list.

Clark bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 in 2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

British news reports describe Clark as Obama’s principal “emissary” in London and UK coordinator of the group Americans Abroad for Obama.

“The challenge for me is that I am representing the most articulate candidate we have had in generations,” she said in an interview with The Independent in February 2008. “It is hard to do that adequately.”

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