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Summer Snow Falls in Canada

Zoonar/O.Kovach/iStock/Thinkstock(ALBERTA, CANADA) -- Mother Nature threw a curveball at residents of southern Alberta, Canada Friday when a mass of cold air turned rain into snow.

Mid-summer snow does occasionally happen in the reigion, but it's a rare phenomenon.
In Calgary, the white stuff melted as soon as it hit the ground, but at higher elevations in the Canadian Rockies, a good half-inch blanketed the ground.

Warmer air is moving in this weekend, and the weather will return to more normal summer temperatures for the week ahead.

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Canadian Town Evacuated After Freight Train Carrying Fuel Derails 

ABC News(LAC-MEGANTIC, Canada) -- Five people are confirmed dead and the entire town of Lac-Megantic in Quebec, Canada, was evacuated after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire, officials told ABC News.

The 80-car-long freight train exploded at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday morning, filling the sky with thick, black smoke.

“It was like a big mushroom,” said Anne-Julie Hallee, a resident who witnessed the explosion.”Like a nuclear attack or something. It was so warm and we're very far from there.”

“It was like the end of the world,” Hallee said.

Officials found one body on Saturday, and four more on Sunday. Quebec provincial police Lt. Michel Brunet said 40 people are still unnacounted for. At least 30 buildings were destroyed by the explosion and flames.

Dispatcher Stan Wheeler with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Maine told ABC News Radio that more than 30 firefighters responded to the massive fire.

A one kilometer perimeter around the accident has been closed off. 

Radio-Canada reported the train was en route to Maine. It is unclear how the train derailed.

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Downtown Calgary Evacuated Due to Severe Flooding, Four People Killed

iStockphoto/ThinkStock(CALGARY, Canada) -- Residents of Calgary, Canada are gradually returning home Saturday after severe flooding in southern Alberta led to the evacuation of the entire downtown and killed at least four people.

The flooding washed out roads and bridges, and some areas of the city are still sitting under 4 feet of water. Calgary's Saddledome stadium, home to the NHL's Calgary Flames, is reportedly submerged up to the tenth row of seats.

“Calgarians have typically never seen flooding to this extent,” said Bruce Burrell, director of Calgary Emergency Management. “This is about three times the worst peak floods that most people would have remembered in their lifetime.”

Four people were caught in the floodwaters and killed in a community about 20 miles south of Calgary, according to local media.

Burrell says they evacuated some 75,000 people from the city, but that few emergency shelters were utilized.

“Despite the number of people we evacuated, we had very low utilization of our emergency shelters because people opened up their homes, friends, families, co-workers, most people ended up going and staying with somebody else that they knew that was on higher ground somewhere else in the city,” he said. “We have one of those cities that just reaches out and has a big heart and helps take care of each other.”

Flood waters have peaked, and evacuees are beginning to return home, though it may take a few days for everyone to come back.

“The initial evacuation was over 75,000 people,” Burrell said. “Between what we returned last night and what we're returning today, it's going to be in the high hundreds, low thousands, so this is only the very beginning of what we hope to be more successful re-entry and return over the next few days.”

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Colorado Man Wanted in Son's Kidnapping Arrested in Canada, Boy Safe

Longmont Police Department(MANITOBA, Canada) -- Luke Turner, a missing 3-year-old Colorado boy, was found safe in Manitoba, Canada, Sunday, as police arrested his father in connection with the alleged abduction.

Monty Turner, 51, was arrested Sunday afternoon at the Casablance Motor Lodge in Brandon, Manitoba, without incident, according to Cmdr. Jeffrey Satur of the Longmont, Colo., Police Department.

Luke was placed in the care of Family Services in Brandon, as authorities work on plans to reunite him with his mother in Colorado, Satur said, and coordinate Turner's extradition.

The alleged abduction happened Saturday morning when Monty Turner, who police said had an order of protection against him barring him from contacting his estranged wife and son, broke into their home.
According to the Longmont Police Department, Turner shocked his estranged wife with a stun gun and pepper sprayed her before he kidnapped their son.

Turner was seen riding away with Luke in on a bicycle with a childrens' seat, police said, and had likely parked a vehicle nearby to make his getaway.

An Amber Alert that had been issued for Luke was cancelled Sunday afternoon.

Early Sunday morning, Monty Turner's father was arrested after he was pulled over in Missouri while driving a car being sought in connection with his grandson's disappearance, Longmont police told ABC News' Denver affiliate. Ronald Turner was arrested as an accessory, police said.

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Killer Whales Trapped Under Canadian Sea Ice Free Themselves

ABC News(MONTREAL) -- The killer whales trapped under ice in a remote Quebec village reached safety after the floes shifted on Hudson Bay, according to the mayor's office in Inukjuak.

Water opened up around the area where the orcas had been coming up for air and the winds seemed to have shifted overnight, creating a passageway to the open water six miles away.

"This is great news," Johnny Williams, a local resident who works for the mayor's office, told ABC News. Williams said he was unsure how far the whales have moved, but that they were definitely not under the ice hole.

Residents in the remote village of Inukjuak had been watching helplessly as at least 12 whales struggled to breathe out of a hole slightly bigger than a pickup truck in a desperate bid to survive.

The community had asked the Canadian government for help in freeing the killer whales, believed to be an entire family. The government denied a request to bring icebreakers Wednesday, saying they were too far away to help. Inukjuak, about 900 miles north of Montreal, was ill-equipped to jump into action.

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Canadian Cops Bust Syrup Snatchers

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(MONTREAL) -- Cops in Canada have finally cracked a sticky situation: the heist of more than 10,000 gallons of maple syrup that was stolen from a warehouse east of Montreal between August 2011 and July of 2012.

The Sun News Network reports three people were arrested and charged with theft, and that investigators are hunting for five others involved in the plot.

Two-thirds of the stolen syrup was recovered after search warrants were executed in Canada and northern U.S. states; the total haul was worth $20 million. 

The crooks are accused of using tanker trucks to haul away the sweet stuff they pumped from holding tanks managed by Quebec's federation of maple syrup producers.

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Canada's High Court Eases Requirements on HIV Disclosure

Hemera/Thinkstock(TORONTO) -- Canada is easing up on HIV disclosure laws.  

The Canadian Supreme Court ruled 9-0 Friday that people with low levels of the HIV virus are not legally required to make their condition known to sexual partners as long as they use a condom. A low viral load in combination with the use of a condom does not introduce "a significant risk of serious bodily harm," according to court documents.

An older ruling decided that people with HIV who had sex without disclosing their condition to their partner could be charged with aggravated assault and face a maximum life sentence in prison, the Toronto Star reports.

In the U.S., it is illegal in at least 24 states not to reveal this condition to sexual partners.

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Canadian Dad Builds Homemade "Wipeout" Obstacle Course for Kids

ABC/MIKE WEAVER(BROOKLIN, Ontario) -- One Canadian man might just take the cake for coolest dad in the whole world.

Mike "Crazy Legs" Conley last month built his very own 90-foot-long Wipeout style obstacle course on the street in front of his house for all the kids in their Brooklin, Ontario, neighborhood.

"They were surprised at the final display of it," Conley said. "I had been building it for a couple months. They knew it was obviously coming. They'd walk out the door and see the whole thing stretching from one neighbor's driveway to the next neighbor."

A former contestant of the popular game show himself, Conley, 34, said the experience was one of the greatest of his life and wanted his kids to be able to experience it firsthand. He got the idea to create the video of the obstacle course being constructed after shooting his audition tape for Wipeout, which featured his kids, Hailie, 13, Ty, 7, and Luke, 5, navigating their backyard mini-Wipeout obstacles Conley had created to land a spot on a show.

"I was on Wipeout Canada," Conley said. "That was an awesome experience. That was the total initial reason for the first video. We always try to find cool things to do outside in the summer."

His children were only 11, 5 and 3 at the time the first video was shot, and now, two years later, they've become viral sensations with the video recently surpassing 10 million views on YouTube.

"We made it to impress the producers, and then it took off virally," Conley said. "I just thought, 'If this got so many views, imagine if I designed an actual course?'"

The setup process took about three and half hours to construct. "I'm like the least handy person in the whole world, so it was about two months in advance to make sure everything was built and we had all the materials," he said.

And it was materials galore, indeed. If you're feeling spontaneous enough to try this at home, the list includes 12 air mattresses, 14 inflatable loungers, one circular pool (8-foot-by-8-foot), six inflatable pools (10-foot-by-6-foot), eight pool noodles, 6,000 gallons of water, 1,200 square feet of banner vinyl, eight boxing gloves, six rock-wall holds, 112 feet of lumber, 16 bales of straw, eight buckets, 298 wood screws, four big red exercise balls, one slip and slide, 12 cans of spray paint, one 12-foot cardboard tube, one overhead sign, 12 logo decals, six pounds of mud, three Contour Roam video cameras, 12 volunteers, and, last but most importantly, 25 amazing kids.

Conley wouldn't reveal how much the project cost him, but made sure to note, "Let's just say the costs far exceeded my initial $300 budget, but it was worth every penny."

And from the look on their faces, the kids would seem to agree. When Conley's children first opened the door the morning of the big reveal, he said, "They screamed. They were so excited. Our youngest ran straight into the house to put on his bathing suit. He wanted to be the first to run through it."

Naturally, that was music to Conley's ears. But not just because he was proud of his elaborate set up. It was more because he's always looking for ways to keep his children active and playing outdoors.

"We're a pretty active family," he said. "The requests we get from our kids are daily, hourly to play video games, watch TV and be on the computer. While we try to keep it as educational as possible, we try to keep them active."

"A lot of it comes down to being creative, trying to compete with the video games out there. Appreciate your kids' imagination and keep them active. Find ways they can be creative outside without even realizing they're working out. For me, it's just about enjoying your children and having them enjoy their childhood and being involved and engaged. That's really what it's all about."


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Shooting at Rally for New Quebec Premier Leaves One Dead

Hemera/Thinkstock(MONTREAL) -- Violence marred an election victory party for Quebec’s newly elected premier late Tuesday night, after a masked gunman opened fire at a campaign rally in Montreal.

TV cameras captured a chaotic scene as a security team abruptly surrounded Pauline Marois as she delivered a victory speech before a crowd of supporters, and escorted her off stage.  A few minutes later, Marois returned and asked the crowd to evacuate the building.

Montreal police arrested a 50-year-old man at the scene, wearing what appeared to be a long, blue housecoat and a makeshift balaclava.  Police told ABC News that the suspect tried to set a small fire near the campaign’s headquarters before he tried to flee.

Police confirmed at least one person in critical condition, and one death resulting from the shooting.  Details were not released regarding the shooting victims’ identities or the suspected shooter’s possible motive.

Political tension has been on the rise in Canada as the independence-minded Parti Quebecois has grown stronger in the largely French-speaking province.  Marois, who is also the party’s leader, will be Quebec’s first female premier.

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Canada Says First US Woman Military Deserter Must Be Deported

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(TORONTO) -- Army veteran Kimberly Rivera is due to return to the U.S. by Sept. 20 but not because she wants to.

She has lived in Toronto since 2007 after having served as an Army private in Iraq in 2006.  When she was ordered redeployed to the war zone, Rivera became the first woman in history to flee the U.S. military for Canada where she was joined by her family.

According to the War Resisters Support Campaign, the Canada Border Services Agency said that Rivera must go back to the U.S., apparently not believing that she will receive a stiff punishment for desertion.

However, Robin Long and Clifford Cornell, two American war resisters deported to the U.S., wound up facing year-long jail sentences because they refused deployment to Iraq.

Rivera initially applied for refugee status and has since appealed to stay in Canada on a humanitarian compassionate grounds claim.  It's expected she will fight her deportation through the courts.

Rivera is married with four children, two of whom were born in Canada.

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