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Dozens Killed in Latest Round of Violence in Iraq

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BAGHDAD) -- At least 34 people were killed and many others wounded in Iraq Sunday by a series of car bomb attacks mostly targeting Shiites.

It was the deadliest day of violence in weeks as Iraqi security forces continue to deal with a resurgent al Qaeda presence since the withdrawal of American forces nine months ago.

The government said the town of Taji just north of Baghdad suffered the most fatalities as eight people were killed in three explosions while at least three times that number were injured.

While Taji is a predominantly Sunni area, the bombs were detonated near Shiite homes.

Insurgents also continued their assault against Iraqi security forces as an attack in the northern city of Kut left four police officers dead.

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Iraq Sentences Three to Death for Parliament Bomb Plot

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BAGHDAD) -- As Iraq suffered through another day of violence, the country's Supreme Judicial Council on Thursday gave the death penalty to three men who plotted to blow up the parliament building last November.

One person died and six were wounded by the suicide car bomb blast inside the parking lot next to parliament.

Three suspects were apprehended afterwards and connected to al Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq.  They were sentenced to die by hanging for masterminding the scheme.

Meanwhile, Iraqi authorities reported a series of bomb attacks around the country Thursday that left at least 22 people dead and more than 100 wounded in what were mainly sectarian strikes against Shiites.

In the deadliest assault, eight people died and 30 were injured after a car bomb went off in a Baghdad marketplace mostly frequented by Shiites.

June has been a particularly violent month in Iraq, with the death toll from militant attacks approaching 200.

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Al Qaeda Fingered in Syrian Capital Bombings

LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/GettyImages(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Syria is pointing the finger at al Qaeda for causing the twin explosions in Damascus Thursday that left at least 55 people dead and more than 400 wounded.

It was the deadliest attack in the capital since President Bashar al-Assad instituted a crackdown on anti-government forces 14 months ago.

Witnesses said that two powerful car bombs apparently targeting the Syrian military intelligence building were detonated as people arrived at work.  The explosions were so destructive that dozens of cars were set on fire for blocks around.

At the United Nations, the Security Council issued a statement that "condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks that occurred in Damascus, Syria, on May 10, causing numerous deaths and injuries."

The Council's 15 member nations also called on the Syrian government and rebels to immediately adhere to the six-point ceasefire plan crafted by special emissary Kofi Annan, which has done little to do stop the violence over the past month that has resulted in well over 9,000 deaths since March 2011.

Meanwhile, Syrian U.N. Ambassador Bashar Jaafari blamed al Qaeda for masterminding the bombings in Damascus and providing support to "terrorist groups" in his country.

At the White House, press secretary Jay Carney told reporters, "Attacks like these that result in the indiscriminate killing and injury of civilians are reprehensible and cannot be justified.  They also remind us of the urgent necessity of achieving a political solution before it is too late."

Carney also said the twin bombings were not perpetrated by rebel forces seeking al-Assad's removal from office.

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Powerful Bomb Blasts Leave Dozens Dead in Syrian Capital

LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/GettyImages(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Two powerful explosions Thursday in the Syrian capital of Damascus have left dozens dead and hundreds more wounded, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Witnesses at the scene said the blasts that apparently targeted the government's military intelligence building were caused by car bombs.

It's expected that the number of fatalities will rise, certain to make the attack the deadliest in Damascus since the government crackdown on political dissidents began in March 2011.

While no one has yet taken responsibility for the bombings, President Bashar al-Assad will likely retaliate against rebel forces that he has previously labeled "terrorists" spurred by "foreign agitators."

The assault also underscores the failure of the six-point ceasefire agreement, which includes deploying United Nations monitors to Syria, to slow down the hostilities.

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At Least Nine Killed, Dozens Wounded After Multiple Car Bombs in Baghdad

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- A series of car bombs across Shiite areas of Baghdad on Tuesday left at least nine people dead and dozens more injured, according to police.

Police say the first incident took place in Sadr City, when two parked car bombs went off, killing six people and wounding 32 others.

The other two attacks occurred in Al-Hurriya and Shula, resulting in the deaths of one person and two people, respectively.

Tuesday's bombings highlight the surge in violence that has taken place in Iraq following the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country late last year. Since Presidet Obama ordered the rapid pullout, close to 200 people have died in attacks there.

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Wave of Bombings in Baghdad Leave Dozens Dead

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty ImagesUPDATE: A car bomb and an IED attack in a neighborhood in West Baghdad killed another two people and left 10 others wounded, a police source confirmed to ABC News. A separate attack in al-Shurta al-Rabiea injured three, according to police. Sixty-five people have now been killed and 206 injured in 14 attacks Thursday across Baghdad.

(BAGHDAD) -- Iraq's security forces on Thursday were put to their first real test since the last American troops exited the country earlier in the week when a series of coordinated bombings in Baghdad killed dozens of people and injured scores more.

As of early Thursday morning, at least 63 were reported dead and 185 others wounded, police told ABC News.

The attacks involved car bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and occurred virtually everywhere in the capital, from the Shuala and Shaab neighborhoods in the north to the Al-Amil and Dura areas in the south.  Neighborhoods in central, eastern and western Baghdad were also targeted.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, although the bombings were similar to others launched in the past by al Qaeda as well as Shiite and Sunni extremists.

Meanwhile, Iraq is currently undergoing a political crisis with an arrest warrant out for the country's Sunni vice president and rumors that Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is attempting a power grab to marginalize his Sunni opponents.

Thursday's carnage could signal a renewed effort by anti-government militants to destabilize Iraq's fragile democracy whose defense is now solely in the hands of national security forces.

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Dozens Killed, Wounded After Twin Car Bombs in Iraq

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- At least 20 people are dead and 30 others injured after two car bombs went off near a government building in Iraq Tuesday morning, Iraqi police said.

The blasts targeted the house of the governor of Diwaniyah province, which lies just over 100 miles south of Baghdad.  It is unclear if the governor was wounded in the attack.

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Deadly Car Bombs Rip Through Iraqi Capital

File photo. Photo Courtesy - AZHAR SHALLAL/AFP/Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- At least eight people were killed in a series of bombings in Baghdad on Sunday.

Five car bombs exploded in different neighborhoods and three more were defused.

More than 30 people were injured.

These are the first bombing attacks in Baghdad itself in months.

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