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Notorious French Criminal Escapes from Prison

Kevin Horan/Stone(LILLE, France) -- French police are searching for a notorious armed robber who escaped from prison on Saturday morning.

According to BBC News, Redoine Faid used dynamite and took four prison guards hostage before breaking out of Sequedin prison.

Faid was locked up in 1998 after being convicted of a series of armed robberies, but was released on parole in 2009. After his release, Faid published a book about how he grew into a life of crime. Faid was taken back to jail in 2011 for a violation of his parole.

Faid may have received the explosives from his wife on Saturday morning when she visited him at the prison, according to BBC News. After his escape in a getaway car, Faid burned the car and took another vehicle.

Officials are still investigating the escape. Faid is considered armed and dangerous.

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Taliban Kills Four Alleged Criminals in Pakistan

Photo Courtesy - Majid Saeedi/Getty Images(HANGU, Pakistan) -- Four criminals were found dead on the side of a road in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday, but it wasn’t police who hunted and killed them.  They were killed by Taliban fighters.

It’s a worrying sign that the Taliban is apparently trying to re-establish their credentials as providers of rule of law in an area where the government is weak and where military operations have largely pushed Taliban fighters out of the area.

In both Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban have long tried to present themselves as providing more effective and less corrupt justice than the government, and despite their brutality, that presentation has worked in many areas where police are corrupt and the government’s court system is slow or skewed to a particular party.

In Tuesday’s instance, police say these criminals were involved with many crimes and the “locals were sick of them.”  Taliban fighters killed them and left a note, claiming the men had confessed to their crimes.

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Gunman Caught on Camera in Philippines Murder

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(MANILA, Philippines) – A Philippines politician inadvertently snapped a photo of his killer moments before he was gunned down.

Reynaldo Dagsa, a city councilman, was shot dead outside of his home on New Year’s Day, but the picture he took moments before the crime has led to the arrest of the suspected killer. 

The photo, which Dagsa took of his family, shows the gunman in the background aiming a gun directly at Dagsa.

Police detained the suspect after the family saw the photo and turned it over to authorities.
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