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Fifth Case of Bird Flu Reported in Japan

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(TOKYO) -- A fifth case of bird flu has been detected in Japan, adding onto an outbreak that has called for the culling of hundreds of thousands of chickens in the country.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Labor reported the latest case of avian flu on Thursday.  The government is also investigating a sixth case involving a bird that was found dead in the Miyazaki Prefecture Thursday.  No confirmation has been made yet on whether or not the bird succumbed to the flu.

So far, five prefectures have been affected by the outbreak, and more than 600,000 chickens have been culled.  Local governments have imposed a ban on the transportation of millions of chickens, while they also search for land to bury the slaughtered chickens.

The hardest hit region has been Miyazaki -- the prefecture that was at the center of the foot and mouth outbreak last summer when 300,000 farm animals were slaughtered.

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